Air Travel Tips: How To Protect Your Baggage While Flying!

Protecting your personal stuff at the airport or during flying is a tricky task, especially when you are traveling alone. Your baggage may consist of some valuable things like expensive jewelry or some important documents or your electronic devices or more. So these following air travel tips will better help you to take proper care of your stuff while flying to your desired destination.

Hiding valuables while traveling is not the way out of this problem, you need to go through some serious tips on regarding how to protect luggage from theft.

On a brighter note, there are simple and effective ways to protect you from these kinds of thefts. Here’s a list of easy adjustments which you can make to ensure safe and secure air travel with your carry-on:


Generally, the carry-ons are black in color and plain, so it becomes a little difficult to differentiate between them. Thieves can take advantage of this thing while you are you’re moving through airport security or falling asleep to an in-flight movie and can easily open any person’s bag by saying that it’s their own.

So WHAT IS THE SOLUTION! You can easily mark something in your bag so that you can easily identify that. You can tie a ribbon or a mark which you only identify. This will totally solve your problem to some extent.


In order to keep your valuables safe and secure from any kind of damage, it’s important to avoid circumstances where you can’t access your bags

While moving through the airport security, you might this situation, the most. Sometimes, random searches can cause the line of people being body-scanned to be longer than the line of bags being X-rayed, so it might lead to misplace of your bags.

SOLUTION regarding this issue is that don’t put your carry-on items on the luggage conveyer belt until you’re about to be scanned. Probably, nobody wants his belongings to end up on the other side of security unprotected while he/she is stuck in a line of guards.


When your bag gets stolen; you need to recover the stolen items and that time you need to do as fast as possible to identify them. This is little tough as you put multiple stuff in your baggage and at the time of rectification, you might get puzzled.

So keeping your most important belongings in one place is the easiest SOLUTION to this problem. Try to organize everything and place your passport, jewelry, wallet, and electronic devices in one designated area of your carry-on. It will ensure that you can do routine scans of your stuff.


Storing or putting your valuables in the luggage rack is the best way to secure your stuff after boarding a plane. This will let you see directly into the rack anytime someone opens it and make sure that your bag goes untouched. In case, your spot is already occupied by someone else, then try to find a place for your bag where you can keep an eye on it. It can be opposite to your seat of the plane or anywhere else. This will definitely help you to know how to keep valuables safe while traveling.


Simply by placing your carry-on luggage upside down in the luggage rack, you can ensure that your valuables are more than a quick zip away.

By doing so, you make it harder for any fellow passengers or a thief to steal anything because the belongings tucked in your bag’s front pockets. This can only be taken by awkwardly lifting your bag inside the luggage rack or removing your bag entirely and this will attract your attention.

Storing your carry-on beneath the seat in front of you is another good option to keep an eye on your belongings. Just take care that doesn’t position your bag in such a way that someone seated in the next row could lean down and open any pockets.


As the majority of the airlines only take credit and debit so you don’t need to carry much cash or a wallet with you during the flight. But if you carry some, then try to hide your cash and wallet deep in your carry-on. It would be the safest option and any unknown person need to upturn your bag to find them.


In case you are flying on a long haul or overnight flight, locking your baggage is the safest way to secure them. This will make your task easier to keep an eye on your luggage all the time.


In case, someone is handling your bag, immediately speak up. This would be helpful if after inspection you found that something was indeed missing from your bag.


The best way to secure something is to keep it in contact with your body. Then it is the hardest to steal. Stuff like your ID, a credit card, your phone, and any prescription medications and other important documents might need directly on your person at all times.


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