Travel Insurance vs. Travel Medical Insurance: Which Is Better?

Every traveler wants to enjoy his trip without worrying about the risks attached to it. So in such case, the best way out is to make your trip secure is to purchase an insurance policy. It not only protects you from the unseen risks in regards to health, safety, and finance.

When it comes to purchasing an insurance policy, multiple travelers find it difficult to pick the one that best suits them. You need to learn about the type of insurance coverage and how it protects the financial investment you put in your trip. Moreover, it is also confusing to figure out the best between different types available. But here we are discussing the two types of insurance i.e. travel insurance and travel medical insurance and the difference between the two of them.


Travel Insurance is a type of short-term insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, flight cancellation, loss of baggage, accident of the flight and other losses incurred while traveling internationally or domestically. In short, it protects the financial investment in a trip.


It is the responsibility of the travelers that they should carefully research the coverage offered to determine if additional travel health and medical evacuation insurance are needed.

Depending upon the particular policy, the travel insurance plan may cover medical expenses incurred abroad.


Talking about the Travel medical insurance, it is a type of short-term insurance which is designed to cover the health care expenses incurred outside of one’s home country. It includes costs in regards to the hospital room and board and ambulance and emergency room costs.

medicle insurance

The best part is that these types of plans are generally affordable and purchased “separately or in conjunction with medical evacuation insurance.”

Depending upon the particular policy, the travel medical insurance includes coverage regarding political evacuation, terrorism, crisis response, natural disaster, accidental death, and dismemberment along with other benefits.


In case of Travel Insurance:

  • In case your trip is canceled or interrupted, a travel insurance policy will reimburse you depending upon the reason for cancellation. The eligibility of pre-paid and non-refundable portion depends upon that only.
  • You can avail Travel Insurance benefits as it provides coverage against the unexpected costs resulting from lost, damaged, or stolen luggage in case of travel insurance policy, rest depend upon the type of policy.
  • It is a fact that travelers use to avoid travel when sick and they know that their financial investment in the trip is protected.

In case of Travel Medical Insurance:

  • The most important fact related to the travel medical insurance is that these policies do apply beyond the borders of your home country which the other policies don’t do.
  • That means your travel medical insurance plan can give you protection against the medical expenses incurred in abroad.
  • As per the estimations of CDC, the medical evacuation costs can exceed $100,000.
  • In case your travel medical policy also includes the Medical Evacuation benefit, then you will be able to avail coverage up to the maximum for the cost of transportation to a facility with adequate medical care.
  • Talking about the protection, a travel medical insurance plan can help you avoid unnecessary financial risk and provide protection against any kind of illness or injury.
  • It can help you get the claims based on unexpected illness or injury and a trip with access to quality care and financial help if the unexpected strikes.

There are a number of features or in simple words things which one must go through while picking specific insurance policy. Here we are comparing the features of Travel Insurance Policy and Travel Medical Insurance Policy:

travel medicle insurance



Well, it is recommended that all travelers should consider insurance while traveling through the air. There are many different types of travel insurance plans and each caters to a different type of traveler, hence here we have compared the two types of insurance policy.

After comparing them, we definitely come to a conclusion that both the insurance policies cover different topics and have different benefits and features. But after studying different factors, Travel Medical Insurance plan is more effective and covers more stuff i.e. provides protection on more areas.

While discovering the travel medical insurance plan, you can choose from these options such as Atlas Travel, Atlas Premium, Atlas Essential, Atlas Group, Atlas MultiTrip, Atlas Golf, etc. and select the one that suits you the best.