Jet Airways Becomes First Indian Airline To Offer Online Pre-Order Service

India: Passengers traveling through the Jet Airways can now enjoy the pre-order duty-free service as the airline has redefined its onboard shopping experience ‘JetBoutique’ by taking it online.

Jet Airways has become the very first airline to launch such a service of online pre-order service to the passengers.

Talking about the service, now the passengers who have the confirmed bookings on selected international flights can enjoy the pre-order service from a range of international brands at the airline’s website for delivery onboard.

This new service of the Jet Airways aims to “offer exceptional value to its guests”. It particularly focuses on millennial travelers by providing them the convenience of online shopping. It helps the travelers to save time at the airport.

On the eve of launch, the passengers can enjoy an introductory 10% discount on orders while shopping on JetBoutique.

Jayaraj Shanmugam (JetAirways Chief Commercial Officer) stated that “JetBoutique enjoys a strong appeal among our international guests. We are confident that its digital version will also resonate equally well with our guests, especially the new-age millennial travelers, many of whom are keen to savor experiences and explore more while traveling with us.”

He also added that this new service is another example of using the technology to create and enhance the experience of the passengers. This service will perfectly serve the guest in the best way possible and will result in numerous delighted guests.

Initially, this new service of onboard deliveries of JetBoutique purchases will be available on the selected international sectors. This will include the flights arriving to or departing from Delhi and Mumbai.


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