Do You Know The ‘5’ Best Airlines For Holiday Travel?

The holiday season is around the corner. Everyone is planning to visit here and there. And there can be seen a big traffic at different modes of transportation whether it is rail or air.

Talking about the air traveling, many of us will be packing our suitcases and flying both near and far to visit loved ones. But this is also a fact that holiday flights make for crowded airports and sky-high prices. Different airlines offer multiple offers that one can easily confuse between different options.

Whether Delta would suit me the best or Southwest would be a convenient option!!! A lot of questions but no solution. SO here we have managed to prepare a list of top 5 airlines for Holiday travel, based on different categories. This will let you decide which airline can meet your all needs.

1.DELTA AIR LINES: If you want to reach your destination on time

Undoubtedly, when it comes to on-time arrivals, Delta tips the list. So if you have plans to fly on the upcoming Christmas or New Year and don’t want to face huge delays, then this is the airline for you. Delta is the airline with a solid history of on-time scheduled flights. So during 2017, Delta is most likely to be the best airline for holiday season.


Coming to the records, Delta Air Lines keep on maintaining its on-time performance with a percentage of 83.7% (as per the Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics). Well, these figures are well above the average 78.22% of all carriers. And talking about the cancellations, only 1.39% of their flights have been canceled this year.

Last year also, Delta managed an on-time flight percentage of 86.48%. That means in terms of timeliness and dependability, the carrier is far ahead of other top domestic legacy carriers.


Well, in the case does not serve your route, then you can pick United as your 2nd option as it holds the 2nd place in dependability, averaging 79.99% for the 2017 year thus far.

2.SOUTHWEST AIRLINES: Deals best with your Checked bags

Holiday’s season means huge pieces of baggage, consisting bulky sweaters, gifts and another similar kind of stuff. And if you are traveling with your family, then maybe you have to end up paying more fee for your additional stuff.

Well, Southwest Airlines baggage policy will be the best for those who don’t want to pay extras on their baggage. The airline let the passengers carry two bags in the cabin; out of which one will be the carry-on and the other one will be the smaller personal item.


In addition to that, every passenger is also allowed to carry two checked bags, free of any charge.

All you need to be aware of is the size and weight of the bag. If your bag is not oversized or overweight, you won’t need to pay more. In total, you can bring 4 bags along with you on your trip. But stuff like strollers, car seats and wheelchairs are not counted against your two-bag allowance.

On comparing with the other airlines like Spirit Airlines charge $110 for same two checked bags. Even the airline with the lowest baggage fees; Alaska charges $50 for the same.

In short, Southwest Airlines is considered as the best option as far as your baggage is concerned. Whether you are flying alone or with the entire family, that $50 to $110 will be saved in your account per person. And it will be more when traveling with the family members.

3.AMERICAN AIRLINES: Best for flexible bookings

Booking of flights seems to be a huge task, especially when you are waiting on confirmation from other members or want to snag the best deal without losing out on great fares. Well, to minimize this problem, American Airlines is the place to look for the most flexibility in the initial booking process.

Talking about charging fees for cancellations and making changes to your itineraries or other stuff, most of the airlines do that nowadays. But American Airlines will allow you to place a complimentary 24-hour hold on flight reservations before booking. That means you don’t need to tie up your funds in the process.


All you need to do is to pick the flight and place the hold directly through the airline. After that, you can make your decision to purchase or release those seats within 24 hours.

There will not be any charges and you will be honored the original rate only. In case, you don’t want to go with the deal, simply release the reservation without any penalty, fee, or worries about refunds/airline credits.


In terms of flexibility in the bookings, Southwest Airlines is another good option but it works a bit differently. The airline gives you the chance to cancel or change your flight with any penalty or fee. Along with that, the changing of flight option is also less expensive. You can also use the airline credit to use on a flight at a later date.

Passengers do find it more convenient when they can make changes to their reservations time to time.

4.VIRGIN AMERICA: Enjoy More Legroom & Amenities

When it comes to amenities and services, no one can beat Virgin America. For availing features like more legroom, free technology, customer service, and even snacks, one needs to pick this airline. And for something like a holiday travel, it is just beyond perfect.

The airline has ranked number one in terms of passenger experience by Travel and Leisure.   The reason behind that is a ravishing feature that the carrier offers to its customers. This includes the lovely mood lights on planes, high-quality leather seats, and great seat-back entertainment options.


In addition to that, the airline also provides the passenger’s power outlets at each seat, Wi-Fi, and complimentary FreeChat on every flight along with the healthy meal options.

Well, after the company rebranding and being marketed under Alaska Airlines with the beginning of 2018, there can be witnessed a lot of changes in its offers. But for now, the airline is top-ranked in the overall customer experience.

5. ALASKA AIRLINES: For the best loyalty program & rewards

Loyalty programs and rewards play a major role when it comes to air travel. And if you want to know the best airline regarding that, then Alaska Airline is the one.

The airline has maintained a distance-based rewards program when most others have changed over to a dollars-spent system. It let the budget travelers earn fewer rewards for their flights as compared to the full-price-paying counterparts.

Along with that, the Mileage Plan of the airline has also been ranked the best loyalty program this year by U.S. News & World Report.  The airline is succeeded in earning 4.49 out of 5 scores.

Through this airline, you can also earn and redeem your rewards from a total of 20 partner airlines. Moreover, the redemption options are flexible and you can also earn miles through things like hotel stays and car rentals.



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