What Is The Best Time To Book Cheapest Christmas Flights!

It is nearly impossible to predict exactly when the ticket prices will fall, and which will be the cheapest or best days to fly. But the airlines reduce the airfare during the festival season.

As you know the upcoming events are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year eve. And everyone wants the cheapest fare during these holidays season because the week of Christmas is the busiest travel time of the year.

There is the number of websites that compile data based on everything from direct bookings to published fares. These contents will make possible to analyze the fare models and get a rough idea of the best and worst times to fly during the Christmas and New Year eve.

So, use this information to figure out when a potential flight will cost you less dollar and when you can fly.

Cheap Flights Alert And Notification

Finding cheap holiday flights can be a bit of a hassle whether it is getting home for Christmas or traveling someplace special for New Year’s Eve. Ensure that you follow these travel tips to save money before you book your Christmas and New Years flights:

  • Set up a price alert on your device so that you can receive notifications when the price increases and falls.
  • Add all the nearby airports of your origin and destination so that you can get the best deal.
  • If there are cheaper days to depart and return, then check out the whole month.
  • If you are not sure where to go, then Search everywhere to find inspiration.

How To Steal OR Save Money During Christmas Eve?

According to statistics gathered from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the Christmas and New Year’s holiday travel window is more or less a 17-day period that overlaps the two holidays by about 5 or 6 days.

  • If you want to save money on airfare, then book long flights between North America and Asia almost 8 and 20 weeks before for getting the lowest airfare.
  • Flights can cost up to 75% more at the end of the year than during non-holiday times, so booking travel before winter arrives can save hundreds of dollars.


But Booking your Christmas Day travel in advance or November rather than in December makes no difference. 65 % of good flight deals for travel on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve booked in December.

When Is The Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets For Christmas Travel?

It is not unusual to see cheap flights on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and the days immediately following the holidays that are cheaper than other days.

It is depending on how the price falls during the week. Use your booking engine and flexible date’s option to see which days will save you the most money if you’re booking a holiday trip.

best time toby tickets

  • The best time to book tickets for a Christmas is during the week of October 22nd or 11 weeks out.
  • The best days when you will find the lowest prices for Christmas flights are the first week of October or about 83 days before departure date.
  • You can also get the worst flight prices on 16th November with a huge 87 % of bookings made significantly higher than average prices.

Best Time To Book Flights For Christmas:

Currently, the cheaper departure dates are December 21-25 and the best return dates are December 28-31 for Christmas.

Best Week To Buy Airline Tickets ·       Nov. 30 or Ending of November
Busiest Travel Days ·        Dec. 22-23, booked by 56 % of travelers.
Least Busy Travel Day ·        Christmas day, booked by only 1 % of travelers.

The Cheapest Days to Travel:

Cheapest Days To Fly In December ·        December 16 (Saturday) or December 19 (Tuesday).

·        Avoid travel on December 22 (Friday).

Cheapest Return Days ·        January 4th rather than the New Year’s Day.
Cheapest “Practical” Itinerary ·        Saturday, December 16th to January 4th (Thursday).

The Cheapest Time To Travel

Do not forget to think about the time of day when booking.

Cheapest Time To Fly ·        Early in the morning from 5 to 7 AM

·        Evening after 8 PM

Most Expensive Hours To Fly ·        8 to 10 AM

·        5 to 7 PM

 Christmas Flight Deals:

Now, find the cheap flight tickets or deals on lowest airfare and book the Christmas flights just a month before. Here are the following best deals on airfare:

New York (NYC) to Mumbai (BOM) Round Trip Starts From $750* 30th NOV 2017 Get Deal
Los Angles (LAX) to Delhi (DEL) Round Trip Starts From $699* 30th NOV 2017 Get Deal
Cleveland (CLE) – Mumbai (BOM) Round Trip Starts From $825* 30th NOV 2017 Get Deal

When you are planning to travel during Christmas, getting the cheap air tickets is one of the prime considerations. This is a more significant part of the travel expense to get cheap flights tickets, which can mean to save good money.

Find more cheap Christmas flight offers and start your journey without any hassle during this winter.

When Is The Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets For Thanksgiving & New Year?

Before booking the tickets, you have to be aware of the key dates when the airline comes with the cheap airfare. The most expensive day to depart for the Thanksgiving holiday is Wednesday, November 22. But you save money:


  • If you can leave in Thanksgiving Day morning or if you leave earlier in the week on November 20th (Monday).
  • You can also get cheap Thanksgiving flights or obtain the lowest airfare by waiting until Wednesday, November 29th, to return instead of Sunday, November 26th.
  • The Best Time To Travel: The best week to buy airline tickets for Thanksgiving 2017 is by Oct. 30.
New Years Flight Deals:

It is both difficult and easy to find excellent New Year Travel Deals that suit your budget. The attractive deals offer the airfare tickets less expensive, even during the high festive season.

  • The passenger can book the cheap New Year flights tickets during the week of October 29th or 11 weeks out.

How To Save Few Dollars On Airfare

It is already time to start thinking about winter and more specifically about the cheap holiday flights. But there is no one magic day to buy the cheapest tickets for Christmas. This may need the practice to save a few dollars of fare prices. Here’s what you need to do.


Adjust your days with flexible travel time:

According to the Holiday Flight Index of airlines, you can save the airfares on average, if you fly on December 20 (Wednesday) and return a week later on December 27.

If you’re willing to fly on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day as compared to December 22nd, then you can save an average of per ticket.

Book Tickets Now:

Finding low fares for holiday travel requires a bit more planning. So, the best week to buy airline tickets for Thanksgiving 2017 is by Oct. 30 or if you will book the flights during the week of October 22nd.

Travel With One Airline:

The passengers can save the money if they are trying to fly on one airline, and return with another. Same airports consider branching out from your main airport and taking off from alternate ones.

Be realistic or Flexible:

Flying or booking tickets during the holidays is expensive because everyone is doing it. It gets more expensive for departure dates, airports, times, and seats. So the more money you’ll save if the more flexible with travel dates.

Bottom Line:

Those who wait for the last minute flights, your deadline for buying tickets is 21 days before your flight date. Once the passenger hit that 21-day window, the fares usually start to accelerate.

The most expensive days to get the cheap fare are usually within 7 days of departure, which is why people should never wait for airfare if they find the price according to their need.