Do You Know Indian Tourists Rank 6th In Terms Of Spending In US?

When it comes to traveling, USA is one of the favorite destinations in the world. Recently, according to analysis, it is gathered that Indian visitors in the U.S. tend to stay for longer periods as compared to U.S. residents visiting India.

According to US official, the government is taking initiatives to attract more and more tourists.

Talking to the number of visitors in the US, India ranks 11th and in terms of tourism export market, it succeeded in achieving 6th rank. The possible reason behind this is that there is a trend among Indians staying much longer duration there.

Jonathan Ward (Principal Commercial Officer at the U.S. Consulate General) has stated that the tourist’s data analysis suggests the following figures:

  • 38 percent of Indians visit the U.S. with the primary purpose of business
  • While another 28 percent go to meet friends and families living there
  • 18% of Indian visitors travel with the primary purpose of spending vacations
  • And the remaining 16% counted under the miscellaneous other reasons

In the recent years, the number of Indian tourists has been steadily increasing.

Ward also acknowledge the challenges of tourism between the two countries and pointed out that the distance, travel time and cost are the major factors behind the increase in the number of flights as well as a more direct flight between the two countries is necessary to address the issues.

The tourism between India and US also depends upon factors like distance and time which cannot be changed quickly. But by adding more flights, especially the direct flights between both the countries can help in enhancing the tourism quotient.

For the convenience of tourists, the U.S. government has increased the number of VISA offices in India.

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