15m-High Parking Facility Come Up At Pune Airport

At Pune International Airport, for the comfort and convenience of passengers; a 15.35-meter parking lot will come up in the vicinity of the airport. This will be as tall as a five-storeyed building and has the capacity to serve hundreds of vehicles coming to the airport throughout the day.

As per the sources, the Indian Air Force has approved the height of the building. The structure would come up in the parking lot number one that is near the entry gate to the airport.

This project was made on the basis of the plan for the development of the facility to cater to around 11,000 passengers on a daily basis.

According to the statement of a senior airport official, “The parking lot will serve several purposes. Once the building is constructed, it will take far less space compared to now and the number of vehicles that can be parked will increase. There are many aspects of the project which are under review at present,”

Currently, the airport has 2 big parking lots. The capacity of these lots is 1,300 cars and bikes.

The airport authorities stated that in August, there will be the ‘pick-up and drop point’ with all the facilities and infrastructure coming up near the airport near the second parking lot.

A lot of initiatives have been started to address these problems at the Pune International Airport.

Both commercial and private vehicles will have to wait for passengers at this designated point. Talking about the parking fee, it has been decided at Rs 30 for half an hour and Rs 50 for an hour.

Jagmohan Sharma (a frequent flyer) also said that “It is good that the area of the parking lot number one is big and the authorities are looking at a multi-storeyed parking facility, here. The airport is crammed with space and the current parking area can be connected with the airport and a new project can easily come up at this place.”



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