Travel Tips for Long-Haul Flights from USA to India

Long-Haul flight and no boredom? Not possible. Always there will be moments when you feel it difficult to survive, especially when your flight is of more than 12 hours. So when you are booking flights from the USA to India the journey is going to be of more than 15 hours. Don’t just book your flights and starts a journey. Always study some tips which are given to make your journey comfortable. It will be quite helpful for you. You might suffer from problems like boredom, health, restlessness, sleep or disturbance. So it’s better to study these problems in advance and takes the precautions.

Always choose the right airline

Booking your tickets in the right airline is the most prior thing to do when you are going on a long-haul flight journey. Because you will be going to spend a lot of time in flight so you can’t ignore this factor. To survive in a flight of more than 12 hours always choose the airline carefully because not every airline provides everything. Check your preferences and then make the choices.

Here is the list of top Airlines

Qatar Airways

Singapore Airlines

Cathay Pacific


Qantas Airways

Choose the right seat

The choice of the right ticket is also as important as the choice of airline. After all, you will spend the whole of your journey on this seat. Always book a seat of your choice in advance when you are on a long journey. Prefer to book a seat near the exit row to get more legroom or you can also book a seat near aisle. You can easily take a walk in this area.

Always Travel by day

You should travel in day time always. Because if you travel at night time your body clock will get disturbed. It can trouble you a lot your body system and deprive your sleep. And this is the best recipe for being restless. Besides that, it has after effects also. You have to suffer after flight as well.

Choose your clothes carefully!

What you are wearing is directly proportional to how you are feeling. And feeling good is very important for mental peace. You are always advised to wear comfortable clothes for your journey because you are not going to impress anybody, other passengers don’t care how you are looking. So don’t try to be a fashionista and wear as simple as you can.

Eat right before boarding the flight

Nobody leaves hungry for a long journey. It’s important to grab a bite of something. But in hurry never eat anything; it can harm your health while flying. Try to eat something light and healthy. If you will have heavy food your body will not digest it easily. Also, avoid having dizzy drinks before you board on the flight.

8 Foods you should never eat before you fly.

Sleep well

Sleeping is also another important thing when you fly. But it’s not the only thing that you should do on the flight to kill the time. If you sleep all the time then it may cause jet lag after you reach the destination. On the other hand, if you don’t sleep well then it will cause restlessness. It is very important to keep things in proportion to have a healthy travel.

In-Flight Sleeping Travel Tips 

Keep yourself occupied

Always keep in mind that it’s not only you who is traveling. Other people also be traveling with you and you may get disturbed because of them. In this case, you cannot tell everyone to keep quiet or to not make a nuisance. Keeping yourself occupied is the best idea in this case scenario. Listen to music of your choice or read a novel that makes you happy.

Socialize with fellow passengers

If you love to interact with people then what can be better than that. It will save you from getting bored and also let you make a new friend. You will get to learn new things from fellow passengers. And who knows this conversation can be more interesting than listening to music or watching a movie of your choice. So don’t hesitate to initiate a conversation and experience the joy of making friends in air.


1.> Which is the best airline to fly to USA from India?

ANS:- Talking about the best airlines to India from US, Delta does hold a spot on that list. It operates more than 5,400 flights on daily basis and supports a network serving 319 destinations in 54 countries.

2.> What can you do on a long flight?

  • Read a book
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Snap the sights
  • Write a journal
  • Play a game
  • Do something crafty
  • Listen to some new music

3.> How do you sleep on a long-haul flight?

  1. Choose your seat wisely
  2. Cut down on your carry-ons
  3. Skip the caffeine
  4. Try a sleep aid
  5. Stake your claim on blankets and pillows
  6. Bring a neck pillow
  7. Free Your Feet
  8. Use Headphones with Discretion

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