Learn More about Diwali Rituals Celebrated Across India

India is quite famous for its festivals and Diwali is the most famous festival among all the communities in India. Hindu mythology has described the story behind this auspicious occasion as the return of Lord Rama back home after completing 14 years of exile. People of different regions have different beliefs behind the Diwali celebration. Besides that, you cannot singly define the way of celebration. Every community has its rituals to celebrate this festival. You want to experience this wonderful day then why not to travel to India? This is the best occasion also because at this time you will also get a huge discount on flight tickets from USA to India .

Meaning of Diwali?

Deewali is also known as Deepawali. It means a row of lamps. On this day people decorate their homes, workplaces and shops with lamps and lights beautifully. You will see only the lights and lights everywhere. That is why this day is named like that. Along with this there are number of rituals in every part of the country that people have. Let us read about them.

Ganga aarti in Varanasi

Varanasi is a sacred city in India. The city is located on the banks of the holy river “The Ganga”. The style of celebrating this light festival is unmatchable. This place attracts millions of foreigners every year towards its ceremonial ghats. Celebrations of this auspicious occasion start 15 days before Diwali. Your eyes will be amazed after seeing the beautiful scenes of lights and lamps everywhere. Now the most important and special thing about this day is Ganga Arti is organized wonderfully.

Dhanteras in Bihar

In Bihar, this festival starts with Dhanteras, another holy day in Hindu culture. Dhanteras signifies the beginning of Diwali. On this night diyas and lamps are ritually kept burning in honor of Lakshmi and Dhanvantari. Hindu people consider this day as an extremely auspicious day to make new purchases. People buy new things especially gold or silver articles and new utensils on this day.

Worship Goddess Kali in Kolkata

On this auspicious occasion, Kolkata prays goddess Kali and offers their greetings to her idol. They make Clay idols of goddess Kali. After that, they are sculpted and revered in their houses.  After that in the night, tantric mantras are chanted and offerings in the form of food and flowers are extended to the goddess Kali.

Worship Goddess of death in Asam

In Asam, the light festival is celebrated with Mahanisha puja or Goddess Kali pooja. In some parts on this day animals sacrificed and also made to the goddess along with other food like lentils and rice. Guwahati is famous for Kali puja is held in cremation grounds. Goddess Kali is considered as the goddess of death. Besides that Asam is a beautiful place to visit. You can capture the beauty of this place more graciously on this occasion.

Govardhan Puja in Gujarat

This day is famous for Govardhan Puja on this day. In Gujarat, this festival is considered as the beginning of New Year according to Hindu calendar. People also worship Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Kali to signify the triumph of good over evil. Besides that, it is followed by Bhai Duj and Govardhan Puja. Bhai Duj is the symbol of the strong bond of siblings.

Tulsi-vivah in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, this day is celebrated with pomp and fare. On this day people offer their prayers to goddess Lakshmi. They celebrate the bond of husband-wife, mother-child, and brother-sister. The end of Diwali here signifies for tulsi-vivah. Tulsi-vivah is the marriage of Tulsi or the basil plant with Shaligram. This day also considered as auspicious time for parents to arrange marriages for their sons and daughters.

Naraka Chaturdashi in Goa

Goa is the first preference for beach lovers in India. In Goa, this occasion of lights is celyh and on this day people burn effigy of the demon Narakasura. These effigies are fashioned out of paper and straw and inserted with fireworks that blast off once the effigy is set on fire.

Things to do on Diwali

  • Enlighten your home or place wherever you are staying with lamps and earthen lamps.
  • Wear new clothes on this beautiful occasion.
  • Also burn fireworks but in a limit just for fun.
  • Pray to God in temple especially Goddess Laxmi, Sarswati and Lord Ganesha.
  • People also worship Lord Rama, Lakshmana, Hanumana and Goddess Laxmi.
  • Enjoy delicious cuisines and deserts in the night.

Deepawali Travel Offers

Every ticket booking website offers a discount to the traveler during this time. You should plan your visit to India during this time and grab the discount. Visiting India during this time will provide you a priceless joy. You will get to explore the country more deeply. Besides that, you will interact with different people, their wonderful cultures and rituals.

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