Light Up This Diwali In Indian Style With Their Different Cultural Values

Diwali, a festival of lights, will be around the corner after a few days from now i.e. on 7 November! People celebrate this by giving gift and sweet to their loved one, going to each other’s house. This festival symbolizes the victory and togetherness.

This festival is been celebrate by the entire country but with a different reason as India is a diverse country. Let’s find out the different perspective of different states for this auspicious occasion!

Uttar Pradesh: Home of Lord Rama, Ayodhya!

They celebrate Diwali more enthusiastically and in a grand way as on this day only; Lord Rama came back to his home after 14 years exile. The evening of this day looks perfect near Ganga as thousands of earthen lamps float in the river along with the chanting of priests in Varanasi. People light up their home with diyas and sparkling lights.

Amritsar:  The temple draped in lights!

The same day known as Bandi Chhor Divas in Sikh religion as their sixth guru, Guru Hargobind Ji returns home from Muslim imprisonment. The beauty of the golden temple looks more beautiful with fire balloons in the sky, floating earthen lamps in the water body ( Sarovar) and lights all over the golden body of Amritsar.

Maharashtra:  Best fireshow on marine drive

This is known as the place where Lord Rama had spent his 14 years exile. On the Diwali evening, people do Laxmi puja, of their beloved goddess Laxmi, with the belief that she will bring wealth and prosperity in their respective house. People celebrate their happiness with Rava Kesari,  karanji, kalakand and many more delicious and mouth-watering sweets. The fire show is worth for photography on marine drive. The city is known to be a city of dreams, Mumbai, it just looks like a dream on Diwali day.

Kolkata:  Show the strength of a women

They celebrate Diwali with kali puja, an avatar of goddess Durga.  On this day Durga got victory over all evil power, she shows the exact women power. They start the preparation many days before the Diwali. The entire city glows like a lighthouse with electric different shades of bulbs, diyas and candles.

Gujarat: Believes in togetherness

People over here celebrate this day by making colourful rangoli in front of their house along with footprints of Laxmi moving towards their respective house to believing that with this wealth will go inside their house. Any new venture of business, marriage, an opening of shop consider being auspicious on this day. The earthen lamp lit with ghee left as it is for the whole night and next day, the flames collected from the diyas will be used as kajal by the women which they apply in their eyes.

Experience something new on this Diwali along with the values and culture of different religion. Some of them we had defined, rest we have left it for you, travel to India with your loved ones and explore the warmth and togetherness of people.

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