What Are The Top Reasons For Flight Delays | Why Is My Flight Delayed?

Flight delays are a typical part of a traveling experience. There can be myriad reasons for flight Delays and it’s not at all surprising in the contemporary times. In fact, when we travel on flights, then most of us may encounter them at some point of time. It can be quite a stressful thing to experience and that’s why many people find themselves at their wits end. So if you have questions in your mind like; are you going to get where you need to go? Why is your flight delayed in the first place? How frequent are flights delayed, anyway?

FlyDealFare is here to give answers to all your questions. Besides that, we can provide you with the best flight deals you will ever find. In this article, we will discuss some of the most of primary reasons which may be responsible for flight delays. It’s equally important to realize that there are a number of reasons which may be out of the airline’s control such as weather, security, airport conditions etc.

Let’s Discuss Top Reasons For Flight Delays

1. Unsafe Weather Conditions:

Most of us are aware that while trying to take off and land the plane safely, poor weather may be a huge issue. Therefore, there are a lot of details that need to be sorted out before deciding if it’s going to be safe for a plane to fly. There’s a good possibility you won’t be able to fly safely if it’s sleeting, snowing or raining. That’s because the plane may be flying at a high altitude and snow or rain might turn into hail or ice. This will increase the chances that the plane might get damaged while flying in the air.

2. Bird Strikes:

Sometimes, a flight can be delayed as a result of a collision between an airplane and a bird. Therefore, in aviation these events are known as bird hits or bird strikes. If you think that this is a rare occurrence then on average every year, more than 12,000 bird strikes per year happen in the US alone. Most of these strikes take place during the time of landing and taking-off. However, it typically causes little damage; they are nonetheless regarded as a security threat.

3. Visibility:

It is related to weather and one of the big reasons for flight delays is when the pilot’s ability to see gets affected. After all, it can be risky for planes to take off, land and fly if the cloud cover is too thick or if there is a lot of fog or rain. Hence, in the winters, you’ll notice that there are a lot more delays owing to poor visibility. A simple snow storm might lead a plane to crash due to the inability of the pilot to see. So whenever you plan to fly to India or any other destination across the world, do consider this factor a genuine one if your flight gets delayed.

4. Mechanical Trouble:

When you think about the various flights delay reasons out there, then you should also remember that “mechanical trouble” may also be a potential one. Whether it’s the air conditioning or landing wheel, it’s crucial to solve all the mechanical issues before a plane takes off. Technically, planes are extremely breakable because one component not functioning properly might produce problems in unexpected areas. This further makes it difficult to determine exactly what is happening and may take longer than considered to effectively address the issue. There might be even additional delays due to technical concerns at the same time. As a result, you may have to wait for a longer period of time.

5. Waiting On Cargo:

Many travelers’ jets transport additional goods by air. Moreover, planes attempt to balance things out and use space properly. Sometimes they may also be transporting goods or pets. As a result, this might be one of the reasons for flight delays. That is to say, the plane will be delayed if the cargo is arriving late. Sometimes, the cargo may be changed through another plane that has some extra available space, but this is restricted because of balance and weight.

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6. Aircraft Cleaning And Preparation:

Aircraft are so expensive and that’s why airlines always try to keep them up in the air most of the time. When a plane lands, it is cleaned, refueled and prepared for the next flight. To point out, some possible issues in the preparation process include: fuel being late. Moreover, plane food might not be your favorite but it is mandatory for the crew to deliver it to the passengers. In addition, the pilot can’t take off until the food is delivered and ready to be served. Perhaps, the crew needs more time to clean the plane and prepare it for the next flight.

7. Late-Arriving Aircraft:

The most common reason for flight delays is the late arrival of the airplane. Moreover, the so-called knock-on effect occurs when an airplane that was supposed to operate your flight was delayed on its last route. These were some of the reasons a flight may experience a delay and keep passengers in a limbo. We hope that this article will give you an idea about how you can prepare yourself and maintain your calm whenever you experience this. On the other hand, if you are looking for cheap last minute flights to India, you can get in touch with us.


So, now we hope that you know about some of the primary reasons for flight delays. Well, we are here to help you out in all the flight booking related queries you may have. Our professional experts will guide you with all the details regarding your bookings. We are here to make your journey more comfortable and as trouble free as possible. Apart from that, if you are traveling from the USA, you can get USA to India flight deals with us at reasonable rates.

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