Learn How Airtags Can Facilitate Tracking Your Lost Luggage

There are a number of people who fly abroad for the first time and a lot of them encounter chaotic airport conditions which sometimes lead to delayed or lost luggage. Therefore, if we see a majority of them don’t know about how to deal with this situation. So if you are thinking how to track your luggage when you confront such a situation, there is no need to worry. In fact, lost luggage can be recovered with the help of reliable tracking methods among airlines. If you are stepping into a new country or city without your belongings, then this can be very stressful for you.

If you are in stress all the time and thinking about where your luggage is and when it will arrive, this might cause trouble in your journey. But now there is no need to worry as we will tell you about how you can track your luggage. Here is all you need to know so that you can complete a hassle free trip. FlyDealFare is here to help you and has brought for you all the information related to this.

Tracking Devices Which Make It Easy For You When It’s About How To Track Your Luggage

There are various types of tracking devices that use a number of technologies to show you where your lost items are. To point out, you can easily track them on a map on your phone. It will be indeed a respite for you after you know the exact location where your luggage is. Moreover, with the help of these tracking devices you can also find your bags in an airport. Here are some options for tracking devices which will definitely help you. So let’s not waste any more time and have a look at these.

Common Bluetooth Trackers

There are some Bluetooth tracking devices for example Apple’s Air Tag, Samsung’s Galaxy Smart Tag which are convenient for you to find your keys and valuables. Besides that, they can also help you to keep an eye on your luggage while traveling as well. Each device has an accompanying app like Find My etc. You can also use them to track any item you attach with this tracker. Usually if we see them, small Bluetooth trackers are great for tracking items within a short distance of 400 to 800 feet.

This is especially helpful if you are at the luggage carousel in the arrival hall at the airport and your luggage does not appear. Perhaps it still might be on the plane or may be the next item coming out of the loop. With Bluetooth, if it’s within your immediate locality, you’ll know exactly where it is. Bluetooth trackers can also work for longer distances because an approximate location on a map can be given when the tags’ signals bounce off each other.

GPS Trackers:

If we compare Bluetooth with GPS tracking, the latter is a more accurate option for tracking items which are in long distances anywhere on the globe. In addition, it is also great for tracking things like vehicles (cars or bikes) and pets too. On the other hand, if you are having a GPS luggage then having tags like those by Dynotag and LugLoc are great for tracking your stuff through a web portal or app in real time. Therefore, if your luggage is lost, there is no need to worry as you can get it back faster. In case you are looking for the cheapest USA to India flight deals, you can definitely check what we have got in store for you.

Should You Track Your Own Luggage?

There is no disadvantage to placing a tracker on your baggage. The only this is that you will have to pay the cost of the tracker. In fact, adding a tracker to your luggage is not a significant privacy risk to you. There are no airline rules which restrict you from doing this.

Moreover, there are a number of situations in which tracking your own luggage might be helpful. For example, if you can see that your luggage has arrived at the airport, you can make your way there to claim it at that time. It is even possible before the airline has a chance to contact you. Eventually, if you have this Airtag tracker, then there is no need to worry as you will already know where your luggage is.

Tips That Will Help You To Avoid Losing Your Luggage

Waiting nervously for your cases at the luggage carousel is always a heart in the mouth moment. The longer it takes for your bags to arrive, the more you convince yourself that your luggage might be lost. Most of the time, it’s fine but every once in a while, you’re the one who’ll be frustrated to be left baggage-less on your holiday with a lot of chaos. You may try to track down your bags and panic-buying necessities, figuring out exactly what your airline or travel insurance will cover you for. However, if you know these tips in advance, you can easily handle the situation.

1) Make Sure You Tag your Bag Properly

A very simple way to prevent your luggage from getting lost is just to make sure that you tag it correctly. Maybe it sounds obvious, but it’s true! Basically, this means getting rid of your old tags and ensuring the current tag is in an easy-to-read place. Moreover, check the tag once the check-in agent has fastened it to your bag. All you have to do is just be a little careful. Trust us, you can surely take care of this and let us handle your bookings if you are looking for some amazing offers to fetch the best flight deal India.

2) Mark Some Additional Details Or Put In Some Extra Information

If you put an Id card on your bag, it’s also a good idea to add some extra details inside the case as well. For example, your contact details and itinerary for your trip. The main reason for this is that the more information you provide, the easier it will be for you to get back your luggage. Baggage handlers sometimes may look inside the bags to find out to whom it belongs in case the tag is missing on the luggage. So, try to print out your itinerary and lay it on top of your clothes to make it easier for them so they can get in touch with you.

3) Check In Early

If you’re the last one to board the plane, then it’s also likely that your bags will also be the last ones to be loaded. Thus there is a higher possibility of upping the chances that they might not get in on time. Remember, once you’ve dropped your luggage off at the check in desk, it has to get to the loading bay. If you’ve left your luggage until the last minute, then there is a possibility that your bags might not get to the loading depot on time. In fact, there’s a chance that your luggage will not get loaded. Therefore, it is always advisable to check in early and always follow the stipulated time schedule. Believe us, questions like how to track your luggage will never bother you if you are a responsible traveler.

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4) Try To Make Your Bag Stand Out

When you complete your long journey, most people just want to grab their luggage and get out of the airport as soon as possible. In this hurry there may always be a case of mistaken identity that can sometimes happen. However, that doesn’t mean you need to buy flashy expensive looking luggage. All you have to do is just make sure your baggage stands out a bit from the hundreds of others that are free standing cases. For instance, you could add a few coloured straps so you can tell yours apart from the rest. These serve a double purpose as they also help keep your baggage secure.


We hope that after going through this article it is clear to you how you can track your luggage with the help of an Airtag. It’s our duty to help and assist our esteemed customers have a hassle free and a comfortable air travel. For this reason, we keep bringing valuable information and update our blog section quite regularly. To put it another way, we offer all kinds of solutions to our customers for their travel related concerns.

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