Is it Legal to Fly Carrying Marijuana! Cannabis Travel Guide 2023

Flying with Marijuana is a little bit complicated due to different rules that vary from country to country. Even if there are some countries which have legalized it, marijuana remains under some illegal federal laws. Certain cannabis and marijuana -infused products that includes some Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, remain illegal under federal law except for products that contain THC but not more than 0.3 percent. On the other hand, there are some states that accept flying with marijuana in some instances but with some restrictions or with a medical card if there is any medical issue.

So, here you will get to know about where it is totally illegal if you are flying with cannabis. Moreover, we FlyDealFare will tell more about that what is legal and what is totally illegal about it.

Traveling With Marijuana or Cannabis On USA To India Flights

If we see in the United States, then it is legal to have Cannabidiol (CBD) oil but not THC oil.
However, in India, keeping any amount of cannabis is illegal. So, if you are flying from the USA to India with cannabis, then it’s better to leave it at home as you know it is not legal to carry it along. If you are caught flying with Marijuana irrespective of the quantity you may get into trouble. Repercussions could range from seizure of your luggage and drugs to imprisonment as standby law. On the other hand, you can easily book flight tickets to India from the USA with us at very reasonable prices.

Can You Fly With Weed?

If you are thinking of flying with marijuana or weed then it may be complicated for you. Although you may be living in a state or country where cannabis is legal, at the moment when you walk into the airport then you are in federal jurisdiction territory. For instance, if you purchase cannabis and are flying out of a 420-friendly state like Colorado then you are automatically still breaking the law because it is illegal on a federal level and strictly restricted on all federal property in the United States.

Flying in the states where Weed is Legal

The Transportation Security Administration cannot make arrests unless they find marijuana in your bags. If they find it then they will notify everything about it to local enforcement department. However, if you are traveling in the state where marijuana is legal, then TSA agents will not take any actions. (Unless you are following the state’s legal possessions limits).

Is Medical Marijuana legal?

Generally, you can fly with medical marijuana in the US with some of the restrictions. However, marijuana and some cannabis – infused products (CBD oil) are still illegal under federal law unless the product contains THC but not more than 0.3 percent. But if the person is caught with more than that and he/she breaks this law, then they will be report violations to local, state or federal authorities.

To make sure you do not run into any trouble, always carry your marijuana medical card. At the same time, pack your stuff in airtight containers and try to carry a small amount of weed (only for medical issues) that will not attract attention. Apart from this, if you have any kind of medical issue and you want more comfort while traveling by air, then we can help you book Cheap business class tickets To India at a very reasonable price to take care of your comfort.

Risk while you are Crossing International Border

If you are flying with Marijuana internationally, then it is important to know the rules and regulations that are related to it. It always depends on the country you are visiting because maybe cannabis can be completely illegal over there. Although, if the country has legalized cannabis then it doesn’t mean that there are no more restrictions you need to be aware of. That is to say, there may be different types of restrictions that will be on quantity and what type of cannabis products is allowed. Therefore, it is important to do your research before packing your bags to ensure a trouble-free trip. That’s because, when you are about to cross an international border, any type of cannabis product might be deemed illegal.

Keeping Marijuana is still unlawful under the federal law even if you’re flying from the USA to India. Cannabis is illegal in all the parts of the country (India). Border Control agents have the right to arrest you for possession of cannabis. So it’s important to be aware of all the rules and regulations in other countries as well. Utmost be remembered that many countries have very strict laws regarding marijuana. So if you’re caught with it in another country you could also have to face a jail time.

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It can be difficult to understand how marijuana laws, policies and statutes will be applied in any given case as they can be quite difficult and complex to predict. Moreover, if you will add a lawyer’s name and contact information on your packing list, then it is a very good idea. If you are bringing or traveling with cannabis on your trip, you must first confirm with the concerned authorities. However, if your concern is booking cheap flights at the eleventh hour, we have got you covered. We are also providing you with the best last minute flights to India from USA at very cheap airfares. So, if you are planning something at the last moment, then there is no need to worry. Because, with us you can steal the best last minute deals at very cheap prices.


Hope now it is all clear to you about whether flying with Marijuana is legal or not from above-mentioned points. In short, flying with cannabis or marijuana is a risky proposition as there are some strict rules and regulations. However, if you are now fully aware of the risks and are able to take precautions, it is possible to make better decisions for a hassle-free journey. Furthermore, you can read about the updated list of restricted items under checked luggage here.

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Q1. How much weed can you carry while you are traveling on an international flight?
Ans: You are not allowed to take marijuana on your international flight.

Q2. What if someone gets caught with marijuana while flying?
Ans: You could be fined up and imprisoned for at least one year.

Q3. Can you put marijuana in a checked bag?
Ans: Marijuana is not allowed on aircraft, whether it is in carry bags, cargo or in checked bags.

Q4. Can you fly with medical marijuana if you have a prescription?
Ans: Federal law restricts the keep and use of marijuana on airplanes or in certain areas of airports. This applies to both even if it is recreational and medical marijuana.