Do you know: Credit Card Benefits of Traveling to India

Are you a credit card holder? Well if yes then it is the best thing that you can have before travelling to India. You can use this magical card to get several travel benefits. Yes! You heard right, credit card is not used only for shopping. It has various shopping benefits. If you are a frequent flyer then it is like a boon for you. Hence use it in your travel to India and get a discount on booking flights to India, hotel stays and other things. Another good thing about credit cards is that you get reward points on the usage of this magical card. In this blog, you will get a list of benefits.

Access to Luxurious Lounges

Do you want to enjoy a luxurious treatment in the airport lounges? Why not! Better to book with a credit card. But for this you need to do is to opt-in for free memberships and airport lounge credits. Are you worried about paying extra? Don’t because it is a freebie, there is no need to pay extra for this.

Perks linked with Sign-ups

Don’t have a Credit Card? Great! Get one and get more perks on sign-up. You will be surprised to know that new users get more benefits than the older ones. You will get several offers and discounts on hotel bookings, meals and lounge. Furthermore, if you have a business card, it would be a cherry on the cake. After every usage, you will get extra points that you can redeem.

Lost Luggage Cover

Unfortunately, if you have lost checked-in bag and you have a credit card, stay tension free. All the damages linked with the carry baggage are linked with the credit card are insured. In this case, you will get compassion according to the damage. But in this case, you have other options for reimbursement. Airlines are responsible for this loss of yours; hence keep the credit card as a second option.

Travel Health Insurance

We wish you a happy and safe journey, but accidents are a part of our lives. We may get sick during our travel, or any other situation of illness may also arise. In this case, the Credit card is your true friend. It is important to travel with health insurance. And credit card covers you medically. So travel freely without worrying about anything. You have a backup in foreign to recover from all these problems. You know what is most surprising? Many credit card companies comprises of death while travelling.

Meals and Hotels Credits

Food is also a significant expense while you are travelling in a country like India. Because you need to eat all meals in hotels or restaurants while your long journey. In this case, the credit card is a savior. You will get an extra discount and offers if you make a payment by using this. These deals and offers are not limited up to food only; the same applies to the purchase of drinks as well.

Car Rental Cover

Strolling on the streets is good but at some point in time, you need to hire a car on rent. It can be quite expensive and harmful for your pocket. But as you have a credit card, so you are free of tension again. Most of the credit cards come with car rental coverage. Getting a car rental coverage means in case your car gets damaged in any circumstances the credit card company is liable to pay for all the damages. This is the best benefit that you can have abroad.

Airline Delay Insurance

Flight delay is a part of air travel. Sometimes it can be because of natural disasters and sometimes because of the airline’s mistake. In both cases, you will have to suffer but if you have made payments by using credit cards, you will be a little relieved. However, in this case, your carrier will help you, but in case they couldn’t, you can call your credit card company and you will get the full support.

Flight Tickets Perks

Purchasing the flight to India is the first part of your journey. And here the magic begins. You will get a huge discount here, but only if you make payments by using credit cards. It is not enough, every time you buy the flights by using credit card, reward points are waiting for you. You can use these in future flights and this will go on.

Here is the list of 5 best Travel cards in India

  • Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card
  • Citi Premium Miles Credit Card
  • SBI Air India Signature Credit Card
  • Axis Bank Miles and more world credit card

Try to imply all these benefits in your travel to India and save a lot of money on your card. Happy Travel!

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