The 15 Gems of India

India is a marvellous tourist destination. Over the years it has gone up the ladder of popularity amongst global tourists and adventure lovers. People who love to be close to nature, rich history and diverse culture visit India all throughout the year in search of paradise and paradise is what they find, no matter where they go. India’s majestic stature has been formed over the years due to its diversity in flora and fauna and because of its rich history that has been written over a span of several centuries.

Travelling throughout the country can be a daunting task for a lot of travellers and many will find the country to be truly daunting. However, there is nothing to worry about because India offers a lot more than one can bargain for. You will simply love the country for what it is. All you need to do is be prepared before you begin your journey and everything will be just fine. Set your dates of travel, prepare an itinerary, confirm your accommodation and book your fight tickets in advance. In case you wish to travel and stay in luxury, then you can find cheap business class flight tickets to India and cheap luxury hotels from popular travel service providers. Business class flights to India are provided by several airlines and offer a lot of luxury. Here is a list of the 15 gems in India that you can’t miss under any circumstances.

1.    Meghalaya

This is the place that you can search about over the internet and the photos will make you want to be here instantly. Out of all the beauty that India holds within its boundaries, Meghalaya sits at the top of the list. Right from Shillong to the Living Root Bridge, Meghalaya is the place for you if you are a nature lover.

2. Hampi

One of the most epic places in India, Hampi is the place to be if you want to see history in the making. With huge boulders everywhere, you can simply picture dinosaurs walking through the area. You can also pay a visit to the nearby temples and caves of Badami and Aihole and you will ask for more.

3.     Varkala

Varkala doesn’t have a lot of charm like the other places on this list but it sure is a nice, cheap, and loving beach town. While the shopping and food is mediocre, the views will simply sweep you off your feet and it is way less crowded than Goa but is just as Westernized and you can enjoy a surf or two.

4.    Jaisalmer

Rajasthan always has something to offer and Jaisalmer is a place you will love the most here. You should absolutely make the trip out to Jaisalmer, near the Pakistan border if you wish to explore the depths of Rajasthan. With a huge fort towering over it, you will be in a city that seems like it’s carved out of the sand, and can go out on a camel safari in the Thar Desert.

5.    Alleppey

Kerala’s backwaters look amazing in pictures and when here, you will realise that the beauty is much more than what is visible in the pictures. You can stay in the boats or go watch birds and eat out in the opens with fresh Kerala cuisine to satiate your desire for amazing food.

6.    Shimla

Shimla is a very popular hill station set in the Himalayas in the Himachal Pradesh state of India. It is a stunning and a very cosy little town that offers a great time in the midst of the amazing Himalayas. A popular destination for foreigners and honeymooners, it is a place that you need to see.

7.     Ziro Valley

Set in the Northeast India, in the amazing state of Arunachal Pradesh, you can visit the Ziro Valley, where the Apatani tribe lives and it is going to be an experience of a lifetime. You can see them worship the moon and sun in a traditional manner and also witness some of them being converted to Christianity. You can stay here for a night or two and witness the amazing culture of this permit-only place that sees really few people.

8.    Leh

Leh is definitely the most beautiful place in the country. Not just the country, but the whole wide world. While here you can go trek through the snowy mountains, see crystal clear glacial lakes, or go on a safari to try and spot a snow leopard or two. There is a lot to do here and you can visit the nearby valleys as well.

9.     Kashmir

Beautiful, enchanting and stunning altogether, Kashmir is a place that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. You need to live, eat and sleep on a houseboat on Dal Lake while in Kashmir. Here you’ll see the Himalayas, the snow-capped peaks and rich culture. A totally safe place for tourists and travellers, Kashmir is natural beauty at its best.

10.  The Andaman Islands

Much more beautiful than any other islands in the world, the Andaman’s offer you white sand beaches and clear blue waters. These islands are the epitome of perfection with some of the best beaches like the ones you see in Seychelles or Maldives.

11.  Jodhpur

Another royal city set in the amazing state of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is India’s blue city and is the one you can visit as many times as you like. Being highly populated, it offers a small town vibe with its little alleys and streets that are tight even for the rickshaws. If you like photography, it’s a must visit destination for you. There’s a fort as well overlooking the town and deserves a visit.

12.   Sunderbans

This beautiful destination is situated in the state of West Bengal and is one of the natural wonders of the world due to the huge mass of mangroves that are here. If you’re into nature, safaris, wildlife etc. you will love this. You can also visit the nearby city of Calcutta and witness the Ganges run through it.

13.   Coorg

Of all the naturally beautiful places in Karnataka, Coorg is going to be a favourite. It is a romantic destination where you can find secret waterfalls, eat Pandi curry, and try the local drip coffee. A homestay is what you need to find and relish on some homemade wine and food.

14.   McLeod Ganj

This is a place that you will never forget as Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj offer you something amazing. It is the home of the Dalai Lama and you will be lucky to see him if he is there. You can listen to him speak for hours and witness true wisdom. A lot of Tibetans come to live in exile and it is sort of second home for many.

15.   Manali

Manali is just like Goa only that it is set in the mountains. It is a place that is best visited in the summers and has very hippie vibes, and you could just chill at the many cafe’s run by foreigners. You can also go trekking, paragliding, and do lots of stuff to satisfy your desire for adventure.