Do you know: How to get the business class flights in cost effective way?

For long haul journeys, it is good to fly in business class than economy. This is because; they provide better services, amenities, higher quality food & beverages, and access to the most exclusive airport lounges. Such additional premium facilities can easily overcome your tiredness and jetlag.

Best Business class flights to consider for 2019: In business class what you should look is a comfortable sleeping area, extra legroom, and more privacy. Other than this, a fully flat bed with direct aisle access enhances the flying experience. All this makes a great business class experience to the flyers. Some of the airlines that you should consider are:

  • Singapore Airlines’ A380 business class
  • United Airlines Polaris
  • Qatar Airways Qsuites
  • Delta One Suites
  • Etihad Airways Business Studio

Finding a low-budget business class flight is not so easy. It can be more challenging for first-time flyers because they don’t have any idea about it.

How to avail a cheap business class flight?

It seems good to travel in business class rather than the economy. But, there is a lot of difference in the fare of the economy and business class flights.  Furthermore, no one wants to spend their vacation money on the fares that are sky-high. To travel in budget you should look for a cheap flight ticket for your journey.

Some passengers who fly frequently do well to manage booking and other related hassles before traveling. Those who travel occasionally, purchase a ticket at the cost which they are getting in the first attempt. In this way, passenger can get costlier flight tickets for their journey. It requires patience and hard work to get low cost airfare.

There are some ways by which one can cut the cost of flight. Here we have discussed some of the awesome ways to book business class flights:

Wait for Business class deals and sales: Early booking is good but don’t rush for the booking purpose. In a hurry, you may miss the exciting deals offered by the airlines. There is a time when airlines and other travel agents offer a sale on premium cabins to fill up the remaining seats. It may be offered for a specific route and destination. So, stay alert to grab the deals and sales on business class flights before anyone else does.

Cheap Departure/Arrival Airports: Airports that are away from the main city center offer cheap airfares. You can also take advantage of this benefit by booking the tickets to/from the cheaper airfare airports. Check the price from each nearby airport from your location and book for the one that suits for the cheap and best.

Save more with the Round-Trip: It is always better to book a round trip than a single ticket when your plan is fixed. This is because airlines used to make the profit from every single ticket so for your return ticket you can lower the additional charges by booking a round trip. Make sure you have your plan fixed and confirmed return date.

Try for an upgrade in class: Airlines offer an auction system to economy passengers. They can bid for an upgrade to premium cabins. It is the best way to get the business class flight in the easiest way. Most airlines give the opportunity of paying a fixed price upgrade when you check-in.

Loyalty program members: Frequent flyers are treated with special leverage points. For every time you fly there will be some points returned to you by the airlines. These points can be used or spent on upgrading your seat for free. Loyalty programs are beneficial to collect frequent flyer miles too.

Bid for a single seat: Traveling alone and booking a single seat is pretty much easier than looking for multiple seats. This is because when traveling with friends and family you need the neighbor seats and there are fewer chances of getting those seats easily at low cost. Moreover, there are high chances of getting an upgrade for the passengers traveling alone.

Other than this you need to be neat, clean and decent passenger to be in the eyes of the airline members. It is the best way to show up in the cabin and to be considered for the free upgrade. Never forget to read the emails that you get from the airlines. Sometimes there are profitable deals waiting for you don’t let those expire.

Moreover, there are plenty of websites that offer deals on flight tickets. So, instead of purchasing directly from the airline you can ask the travel agent to book a cheap business class flight for you. They are familiar with the promotional, fare, airline sales, and other special route offers and exactly know how to book the tickets at a low cost. So, make sure you take care of all these points before you purchase a ticket.


1.> Which airline has cheapest business class?

  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Jetstar Airways
  • British Airways
  • Icelandair
  • JetBlue
  • Norwegian Air

2.> How do you get deals on business class flights?

  1. Don’t Book Them
  2. Remain Loyal
  3. Easy Up
  4. Use Elite or Airline Credit Cards
  5. Buy the Points
  6. Fly When Business Travelers Aren’t
  7. Watch for the Open Seat
  8. Upgrade at Check-In

3.> How can I get business class for free?

  1. Ask the ticket counter agent
  2. Book with a travel agent
  3. Check in early
  4. Volunteer to get “bumped” from an overbooked flight
  5. Ask a flight attendant for an upgrade if you see a seat available
  6. Become a member of your airline’s frequent flyer program
  7. Avoid flying from your carrier’s main hub if it is a large airport


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