Top Meals in the Best Airlines That You Never Want To Miss

Long haul flight and no food? Not possible, at some moment you will feel hungry and you need to eat something. Here we are presenting top meals to you in the best airlines. These airlines let you enjoy the delicious food services from USA to India flights It’s not that you get only unhealthy food on flights. These airlines offer you delicious and nutritious food while flying. So stop worrying about the food and take care of other important things. Check the top airlines providing the best meals.

Cathay Pacific

Cathy Pacific airline has upgraded its services recently. Now they will offer three appetizers and six main courses as an option per flight. Crew members will deliver you the food you order. Meal provided by Cathay pacific includes a range of special meal options as well as on-demand dining in First Class. Cathy Pacific offers regional noodle signature soups from Hong Kong but only on selected flights in premium cabins. On the other hand for economy class passengers they give the benefit from dishes that have a Hong Kong/Chinese flavor.

Furthermore, if you have any special preferences then you can book 24 hours before the flight time. You will get Spicy vegetarian combinations of meals with limited use of dairy products.

Note: You will get no meat, fish, fowl, and products with lard or gelatin, eggs.

Turkish Airlines

Enjoy the in-flight dining with the warm greetings of chef the moment you get on board. This is the simple sign that how seriously Turkish airlines take catering services. Every passenger will have a starter and a main and a dessert. Along with this fresh bread will also be served separately. In addition to that, you will also get complimentary drinks, including a small selection of wine, beer, and spirits. Delicious homemade lemon and mint cordial are also offered to the passengers throughout the flight.

Thai Airways

Do you love Thai food? Then taste the award-winning Thai meals while flying. You will see a Thai flavor in these dishes. The most famous foods to have are the green curry served with a fresh salad, fresh fruit or dessert. You will get food according to the nutritional preferences, health needs, and religious beliefs of passengers.

On the other hand, if you don’t love Thai Food then no need to worry you will get food options from all around the world.

Austrian Airlines

Talking about food and didn’t mention Austrian airlines? Not fair! There is no match of yummy food that you will get here. Here you will get the option of choosing between 9 different meals to choose from. These meals range from hot and cold breakfast options to kids’ meals and sushi bento boxes. You are suggested to order hot breakfast which comes with fresh fruits, homemade muesli, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms, sun-ripened tomatoes, potatoes, a croissant, oven-fresh bread, and fresh orange juice.

Korean Air

Dine like a local in Korean airways. Try Korean style porridge with a side package of furikake instead of omelets. Furikake is a dry Japanese seasoning that you’re supposed to mix in for a warming and delicious wake-up. For dinner, you must choose the Bibimbap. It is a traditional Korean dish comprising of mixed vegetables and rice. Besides that, you will also get a hot seaweed soup which is amazingly good!

Besides soft drinks you can choose soft drinks, you can choose a specially selected list of wines, from regions including Chile, Australia, and France. If you are travelling in Korean Airways you will get complimentary alcohol on board.

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