How can you Beat Jet Lag on Flights from the USA to India?

Gone those days when people use to travel to different countries through waterways. These are old concepts, nowadays everyone prefers to travel through airways. The good thing about the air journey is that it is more easy and convenient. You can visit any country on the globe in a few hours. But wait! Everything has its pros and cons. When you travel to different countries you travel in different time zones. This leads to Jet Lag. If you are travelling to a long haul flight then there are chances of Jet Lag. And a flight from the USA to India is a long journey; it takes approximately more than 17 hours. Hence you must be aware of jet lag. Don’t worry it’s not a big issue you can easily tackle this thing on your own.

What is a Jet Lag?

Before discussing Jet Lag let us understand what a jet lag is. If we define in simple words then we can define jet lag as the disturbance in sleep patterns because of the difference in the time zones. Your mental and physical sleep time clashes in the air and you will feel tiredness. This distortion in sleep times makes you tired mentally and this is called Jet Lag. In this situation, our body situation gets rattled in different time zones. Because our mind requires time to get settled for this. Now you know about the Jet Lag. Now let us see how long a Jet Lag can stay!

How Long Jet Lag Can Last? 

Do you want to know how long you will suffer by Jet Lag? Honestly, it depends on the body a person that’s why it varies from person to person that how long a jet lag will stay. Generally, it takes time to adjust to the new time zone. Older people have more chances to have severe symptoms of this problem than younger people and children. This is obvious too because the mind and body of younger ones are more flexible to the new changes than the older ones.

How to Deal with Jet Lags?

There is always a solution to every problem so does the Jet Lag has. There are some methods of dealing with Jet Lag. You can simply do these things and save yourself from the Jet Lag. You might have heard the proverb “Prevention is better than the cure”.

  • Say no to caffeinated products and Alcohol

Access to anything is not good, especially while you are flying. And having caffeinated products is like inviting problems to your body and mind in your journey. Having caffeinated products has different consequences in the air journey. This increases the chances of having severe Jet Lag. So avoid these things before starting your journey or while flying.

  • Make your Mind Accordingly

It is all about the disturbance in the mental adjustment. Try to convince your mind according to the new time zone. It might sound weird but it is true. If your brain starts copping up with the situation then there are fewer chances of having Jet Lag.

  • Utilize Flight Time to Sleep 

“Sleep during your flight” Very Easy to say but not easy to implement. But it is true that sleeping while flying decreases the chances of Jet Lag. Close your eyes and try to sleep. If you are having trouble in that then keep an eye mask and a neck pillow. Put this eye mask on your eyes and neck pillow under your neck. You will feel much better and relaxed. Besides that, it will prevent your neck from hurting as well. Listening to soothing music also helps a lot to get a good sleep.

  • Breathe some fresh air

You will be surprised to know that Jet Lag has its after-effects also. As soon as you reach your hotel room has some fresh air. Open the curtains of your hotel room and breathe some fresh air. This is the best way of fighting jet lag. If it’s a day time then have some vitamin D didn’t understand? It means let some Sun rays fall on your body. This is another best solution for the Jet Lag problem. On the other hand, if it is dusk or night time, fresh air is enough.

  • Exercising helps

Exercising is always considered good for our bodies. Hence it is useful in Jet Lag recovery as well. You should do some easy exercises while flying and after the landing to prevent from the Jet Lag. You can simply do some yoga or stretching exercises. Going on a short walk also helps a lot. It’s like a stress buster after a long flight.

  • Do not take naps

Say no to short naps after a long flight. It will make you lazy and your Jet Lag will keep overcoming you. Rather than taking a short nap try to go on a walk and inhale some fresh air. In this way, you will gain your lost vigor.

  • Did I not say water?

Did you just say no to the water? This is like a sin when you are on an air journey. Drink plenty of water when you are flying it will keep you fresh and saved from Jet Lag. You will have a happy journey if you keep on consuming water; it is like a cure to this problem.

  • Eat healthy

What we eat affects our mind and body simultaneously. Never eat heavy before boarding and in-flight. Eat something light and healthy. Because if you eat heavy things then it would be difficult for our digestive system to digest properly and this increases the chances of the Jet Lag. Eating fast food also upsets our stomach. And upsets stomach affects your mood and health. So always eat healthy and feel healthy while flying.

You are traveling from the USA to India a beautiful country. Would you like to spoil your mood because of Jet Lag? Never I think. So keep these things in your mind and have a happy journey. Happy Travel!

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