Green Travel Guide: Tips to Be an Eco-Friendly Traveller in India

You will be surprised to know that India has been voted the most environment-friendly and green country in the world by none other than National Geographic. Besides that out of 17 main economies, India does the least harm to our environment. So if India is the next destination on your bucket list then you must go through this travel guide. Being a savvy traveler it is one of your obligations as well to protect the environment of the country. Here are some tips to be an eco-friendly travelling in India. You must go through these once before you book your flights to India .

Carry Reusable Things

Always keep this thing in mind that plastic is like an enemy to nature. You must know how plastic is making harm to nature and marine life as well. Thus, it makes sense to quit use plastics including containers, straws, bags, cutlery, water bottles, and other items. You should quit non-biodegradable and hazardous things for the environment. Don’t think that you are here only for a few days! It’s your responsibility to think about nature even when nobody is watching you. Keep a refillable water bottle along with you. This will help you to fill the water bottles again and again, there is no need to throw water bottles after every use. Also, keep reusable shopping bags. These little things play a very huge role in environment protection.

Always Prevent Food Wastage

Are you one of those who leave food unfinished in their plates? This is the worse habit you can ever have and you must know that. Do you have any idea that how badly food wastage impacts biodiversity and nature? And this is not just a saying; it is a report of UN food and agricultural organization. You will be sad to know that food wastage is a consequence of tourism. And you can take some small steps to solve this problem.

Try to Pack Lighter

Packing lighter saves the environment! Don’t be surprised it is true. I will tell you the logic behind this. It is 100% logical while you are flying. The more an airplane carries the weight the more carbon-dioxide it will emit and it will cause degradation of the air quality. Besides, that packing light is convenient for you also. Always carry very essential things it will make you and the environment both happy.

Save Paper

It is world-known that hundred of trees are chopped to make papers. If you want to check the figures and facts then you must know that according to the report of Global Forest Resource Assessment roughly 80,000 to 160,000 trees are cut down each day around the world with a significant percentage being used in the paper industry. We are discussing this in a travel article because we use several documents and tickets for travel. Always try to keep the soft copy of your tickets and documents because everything is digital nowadays and online documents are acceptable everywhere. Take this small step and save hundreds of trees in your every travel.

Try to Reduce Energy Use

Nobody can survive without the use of energy but we can help in saving energy at least. The reason behind this the power plants which are used to generate electricity cause a lot of harm to our nature.  We are not saying that stop consuming energy but at least switch off lights, fans, TV, AC and other electrical appliances in your hotel rooms when you are not in there. Try to use stairs when you can. Another useful tip for travelers is that try to book a single room rather than booking small rooms if you are alone.

Conserve Water as much as You Can

Nobody is unaware of the fact that water is a very important natural resource. Avoid overuse of water while you are travelling. Wasting water is not something that you will do intentionally but it you start observing then you will see how much water you waste in your travel. Try to choose a shower instead of a bath in your hotel room. If you think you will get to know that choosing a bath over shower wastes a double amount of water. Never leave the tap turned on and hang the hotel towers instead of throwing them on the floor.

Use Public Transport if Possible

Have you ever thought that why air quality on hill stations and a mountain is pure? The answer is because of less usage of transport. You will get the freshest air over there otherwise what is the point of visiting hill stations. And because of an increase in tourism, it is also in danger. India is a country of hill stations and mountains. So whenever you go there to visit always make sure to use public transport instead of booking a personal car.

Never Litter while Travelling

Littering is the best way of disgracing the nature or any landscape. Follow the leave-no-trace regime and keep every place clean and natural.  Always try to take your rubbish with you. No matter you are traveling to a beach, hill station or trekking. Keep your litter in your bag or throw it into a dustbin when you find any.

These are some major tips to have an eco-friendly trip however these tricks are not limited to these only. There are several other things that you can take care of like you can choose hotels that support eco-friendly stay by providing solar power, rainwater harvesting, low-flow toilets, and energy-efficient lights.

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