Information Guide to Air Canada Baggage Allowance & Restricted Items

Air Canada is the largest carrier of Canada in terms of fleet size and passenger traffic. When it comes to travel in an airplane, every minor and major item matters a lot. There is a strict policy to travel with airlines and each has its own restriction rules.

It is not allowed to put everything in your baggage that you want to transport. Baggage allowance by Air Canada has some specific rules to which you must adhere to travel with this airline. It is different for domestic as well as international routes. Flying Canada to India means you have to follow the baggage rules for international route.

In baggage allowance there are many terms such as Cabin baggage, Checked Baggage, Special items, Restricted Items, and Delayed/ Damaged Baggage all described below:


A passenger is allowed to bring 1 standard article with a maximum dimension of 23 x 40 x 55 cm plus 1 personal article with a maximum dimension of 16 x 33 x 43 cm. 

In Personal Item You Can Carry:

  • Cat or small dog in its carrier
  • Airport shopping and duty-free purchases
  • Sport racquet or musical instrument
  • Camera bag, diplomatic or consular bag
  • Garment bag
If Traveling With Infants: 
  • If traveling with infants then you are permitted to carry additional standard article such as a stroller or pushchair (25.5 cm x 92 cm/ 10).
  • You are permitted to bring a diaper bag or a personal item (25 x 30 x 14 cm) to carry infant’s belonging.

Air Canada allows cats and small dogs in the cabin of the fleet if transported in a carrier. Pets are not permitted in Premium Economy. Charges for carrying a pet on board is $100-118, one way, for international routes.

  • Avalanche rescue backpacks
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Firearms
  • Fireworks

The checked baggage allowance for any passenger depends on the fare you have purchased and the route you are going to travel. You can directly check the checked-baggage allowance  on the website of Air Canada.

  • Weight per bag: 23 kg
  • Total dimension per bag: 158 cm

The following items are not accepted as checked baggage because of their overall dimensions:

  • Bobsleighs
  • Canoes
  • Hang gliders
  • Luges
  • Windsurfing equipment
Checked Baggage and Pets In The Hold:-

Pets can travel in the hold, provided the combined weight of the pet and its carrier does notexceed 45 kg with maximum dimension 292 cm. Applicable charges may be applied.


Sports, Music and hunting devices are termed as Special Items. There are additional rules and restriction for each item as explained below:


A musical instrument onboard is allowed as part of your carry-on baggage but it should adhere to the policy of baggage size.

  • It must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you; or
  • You have to purchase an additional seat to accommodate it
  • A musical instrument is counted as one piece of baggage towards the maximum number of checked baggage allowed as per your fare type.
  • If your baggage count exceeds the maximum number of items allowed by your fare type, additional charges will apply.
  • Always pack the music instrument properly in a rigid and/or hard-shell container.


Delayed Baggage: 

If you can’t find your checked baggage upon arrival, you’ll need to notify a representative or an agent at the service counter of the airline. 

 You need to provide your contact information and a detailed description of your baggage. You will then receive:

  • Delayed baggage card and
  • File Reference Number made up of five letters and five numbers that are used to:
  1. Check the status of your delayed baggage online with
  • Airline is responsible to provide the refund that you paid to check your baggage on Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express flights.

If the baggage is not relocated within 5 working days then it is switched to Central Baggage Tracing that takes action to relocate your bag within 21 days. And if they are also unable to relocate your baggage then you can request your reimbursement by completing the Expenses Webform.


In case, if your baggage is found damaged; advise the agent of Air Canada before you leave the airport.

The airline will consider the damage for repair if proof of damage is reported to Air Canada Baggage Claims no later than seven days from receipt of the baggage which includes:

  • photographs of the baggage with the baggage tag on the baggage,
  • photographs of the damage,
  • ticket and baggage tag
List of Restricted or Prohibited Items by Air Canada:- 
  • Air Purifiers and Ionizers
  • Avalanche Rescue Backpacks
  • Compressed Gas / Cylinders
  • Corrosive and Oxidizing Materials
  • Defence / Incapacitating Sprays
  • Explosives / Flammable Liquids and Solids
  • Firearms and Ammunition
  • Fuel-powered Equipment
  • Paint
  • Poisons/Toxins
  • Radioactive Materials

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