Singapore Airlines Has Launched Blockchain-Based Loyalty Wallet (KrisPay)!

Singapore airline is coming up with a new blockchain technology based loyalty program to offer benefits to its frequent flyer program. In-line other Asian countries embracing blockchain technology and the virtual currencies it supports. On July 24, 2018, the SIA Group announced the reward program on Singapore Airlines website.

It mentioned that “KrisFlyer”, which is a frequent flyer program of airlines, has launched “KrisPay”, a miles-based digital wallet. It enables patrons to convert KrisFlyer miles into KrisPay miles instantly for everyday spending at partner merchants all over the country.

In accordance with the report of Singapore Airlines, KrisFlyer has created a unique platform to give back to the patrons for frequently flying with Singapore airlines. Users will be able to frequently and seamlessly convert their miles to indulge in everyday goods and services with the introduction of a new digital wallet.

KrisPay miles will offer a wide array of goods and services like beauty, food & beverages, gasoline, and retail. To further incentivize customers to avail of this new feature, most merchants will be offering discounts during the launch and the startup of this initiative. Singapore Airlines also assured that they will continue to find and add new sellers to their loyalty program and launch new application features. It will be necessary to gauge the reception of the KrisPay application following the launch period.

Whether customers will want to convert their miles for a shopping experience or continue to use it for in-flight advantages and upgrades will surely be determined by the added incentives offered. Singapore Airline is the most popular airline, operate from Singapore Changi Airport. It has continued to be ranked as the world’s number one airline and has won top spot as the “Best Airline in Asia.” It flies out to 64 destinations worldwide and has 125 airplanes in its fleet.

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