A List Of Things To Do At Atlanta’s Airport!

Whether have a wait after going through security or you’ve had a flight delayed at Hartsfield-Jackson Intern      ational Airport, you may be looking for ways to kill the time. Do not worry because there are plenty of options to keep you comfortable and entertained at Atlanta’s airport.

Check out these interesting things to do at the Atlanta Airport:

  1. Spend time in a sleep/work pod:

You can pass your time in a sleep pod or work pod if you’re in need of a quick nap or are stuck in the airport for a long layover. You’ll have a HDTV, pillows, daybed sofa, and blankets. The nap pods come with an installed sound-masking system. If a traveler wants to work, the TV can be converted to a computer with access to the internet as well as the airport’s flight-tracking system. You’ll also have a phone, desk and the office chair.

  1. Listen to live music:

The airport is hosting 11 musicians at present who play every day at different areas. From classical violin music to steel drums, you can hear everything. You can listen to the artists on the airport’s website if you’d like to sample the airport’s music offerings.

  1. Attend religious services:

At three places, interfaith Chapels are located which are at the Domestic Terminal Chapel on the atrium, third floor, the Concourse E Chapel which is behind the Martin Luther King Jr. exhibit at the top of the elevator and one at the Concourse F Chapel at International Terminal atrium, second floor. For a variety of denominations,  regular services are held. You can also request for a chaplain’s services.

  1. Appreciating the art:

In a variety of locations, the Atlanta airport has permanent and rotating art exhibitions. Including student artwork, many types of art are being displayed, and professional exhibits such as “Courage Under Fire”. It features dramatic photography from the Freedom Riders during the civil rights movement.

  1. Getting a massage:

Enjoy a shoulders and a relaxing neck massage at one of the Atlanta airport’s best locations which is XPresSpa. To help you get ready for a business meeting , you can also get a manicure.

  1. Visiting a spa:

To help clear your mind and skin Asanda Spa Lounge in Delta Sky Club Terminal E can help while relaxing your muscles. Foot and a leg massage are also available. You can rejuvenate with an anti-fatigue eye or treatment a Fly Facial.

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