Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy, Refunds & Rebooking Of Tickets!

An airline will cancel your flight due to the number of reasons like uncontrolled weather, air traffic delays, or a strike. In such cases, you are entitled to compensation if your flight is canceled due to such events that are under the control of the airline.

But the other possibility of cancellation is if you want to make the changes in your travel plans. In such cases, you may or may not get the compensation. Or maybe the airline will charge the extra fee.

So, without any hectic here you will get the full information about the Cancellation policy of Qatar Airlines.

What Is Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

If the flight is canceled before the departure of the flight, then the airline will let you know via giving contact information for further reservations process. And, suggest you confirm your itineraries at least 24 hours before the departure.

Qatar Airways Cancellation within 24 Hours:

  • You can cancel your reservation within 24 hours without any penalty before the departure of your flight.
  • If your flight is canceled or delayed by more than 3 hours, you can request the refund.


  • If the fare rules allow, you can change flight date up to 3 hours after the departure time. But, make sure that the new flight should not be sooner than 72 hours from the original departure time.

Allow Reservations To Be Canceled For A Certain Period:

You can make the reservation on a flight to or from the U.S. 1 week or more before the departure of your flight through

  • Qatar Airways Contact Centre
  • Airport Ticket Office
  • City Ticket Offices.

The airline will allow canceling the reservations without any penalty. After 24 hours, the airline will charge the fee.

How To Cancel The Qatar Airways Tickets

For made the cancellation, you need to contact the Qatar Airways Office or via Online or via Qatar Airways App.

Qatar Airways Online Flight Status:

To cancel the booking online:

  • Go to the ‘My Trips’ tab on the website and click on ‘cancel flight’
  • If your ticket can be changed online, then the ‘Modify flights’ button will be displayed.
  • After clicking, you can select new flights and pay online for change flight.

If your ticket cannot be changed online, contact the nearest Qatar Airways office.


For Flights From/or US, the airline will allow you to hold the reservation for 24 hours without payment. The fare rules will apply once payment is received and the ticket is issued.

Notifications Of Delays, Cancellations, And Diversions

The flight delay may get disturbed you due to some unavoidable circumstances including weather, air traffic control, operational or other service considerations. These situations may result delay, cancellations or diversions of flight.

Qatar Airways will aware about the information of flight delay and cancellation:

  • At the boarding gate area.
  • Through the website or call centers.

Notify Passenger About Qatar Airways Change Flight Date:

In these cases, the airline will notify you about the changes with the full information during disruptions. So, you can cancel your flight few days before the departure of your flight.

  • Rebook the disrupted customers on next flight or reroute them without any additional cost.
  • Re-route you to the destination by another carrier under comparable conditions.
  • Provide the refund on ticket price if you no longer want to fly.
  • Provide the refunds on excess baggage, services and no need to pay for anything extra.
  • Inform you in advance of any flight cancellation using the contact information provided at the time of reservation.
  • Accommodate you including the appropriate snacks or meals, hotel, and transport if you are disrupted.

Qatar Airways Flight Delays

If your flight gets disrupted or delayed, then the airline will provide you the most up-to-date and accurate flight status information within 30 minutes. And the following facilities provided by the airline:

  • Re-book the next available flight for you without any fee.
  • Refund the ticket if you no longer want to fly.
  • Re-route you to the destination under comparable conditions.
  • Pay for hotel accommodation and provide the transport to and from the hotel on the discounted rates.

Delayed For 2 hours At Departure:

  • In this case, you are entitled to services like drinks, meals, and communications.
  • And, if necessary, hotel accommodation including transport depending on the flight distance and length of delay.

Delayed For 5 Hours Or More At Departure:

  • If is it so, then you are entitled to a refund. If you accept this option, then the airline will not provide the further assistance.

Delayed And Arrives 3 Or More Hours Late:

  • If your flight is delayed and arrives at the airport 3 or more hours late, then the airline will assist you with the financial compensation.

Delayed Flight Compensation Claim:

Flight delays, cancellations or over-booked are not an infrequent occurrence with Qatar Airways. If such an incident has impacted you, then you can put in a claim for compensation.

  • If there is an entitlement to financial compensation, then just input your flight data into claim calculator on the website or app.
  • The risk to you is at a minimum if receive compensation on your behalf. The airline work according to “No Win, No Fee”

Qatar Airways Flight Cancellation Or Denied Boarding

If your flight is canceled, and you were informed less than 2 weeks before the scheduled date, then the airline will:

  • Transport you to your final destination using comparable alternative transport.
  • Provide the refund for your ticket.
  • Offer the transport free of charge if you have connecting flights.
  • Assist you with the financial compensation that will depend on the distance of your flight.

Qatar Airways Canceled Flight Compensation:

If the airline offers you an alternative flight, and you reach your final destination with a delay of 2, 3 or 4 hours, then the compensation may be reduced by 50%.

In cases of re-routing, the airline will entitle you to the drinks, meals, communications, and hotel accommodation. These all will depend on the length of your delay.

Rights In Extraordinary Circumstances:

If your flight is canceled due to “extraordinary circumstances”, like bad weather and no financial compensation will be paid by the airline, then the airline will provide assistance while you are waiting for alternative transport.  And that is:

  • Refund on the ticket within 7 days.
  • Alternative transport to your final destination.
  • Rebooking later date according to your choice.

Qatar Airways Refund Policy

You can cancel your booking and request a refund. It is possible if the refund to be made to a person whose name is present on ticket and surrender of all coupons. The total refund amount depends on cancel trip time, trip price, protection fee, and driver fee.


How can I request for a ticket refund?

If you have booked and paid for your ticket, then visit the page refund at the website. In all other cases, contact the office or travel agent where you paid for your ticket.

How can I request for a refund of award ticket booked online?

To request a refund of your award ticket booked online visit at

  • Log into the membership account.
  • Click on “My Services” option from the dashboard menu.
  • Then, choose the option “Cancel Award Booking” from the left navigation menu to submit your request.
Qatar Airways Refund Time

If an airline cancels your flight ticket or makes the changes in your itinerary, then the refund on the ticket within 7 days. The refund will be made to the original form of payment and the will be processed within 14 – 28 days.

Involuntary Refunds:

In cases of cancellation, delay, overbooking, denied boarding, the airline will provide the refunds on:

  • Total fare paid (if ticket has not been used).
  • Higher of one way fare from point of interruption to destination.
  • Difference between fares paid and fare of transportation used.

Voluntary Refunds:

  • If no part of a ticket has been used, then refunds amount would be total fare paid less for any applicable service charges.
  • If some portion has been used, then difference of paid and applicable fare will be made after deduction of applicable service charges.

Refunds will be credited back to the original credit/debit card. For mileage refund, please visit any Qatar airline office and pay the applicable cancellation fees.

Qatar Airways Cancellation And Refund Conditions:

cancellation and refund

The Qatar Airways Fare Rules says that the Refund/Change/Cancellation fee based on membership tier and per ticketed passenger:

Refund done more than 24 hours before departure:

Platinum or Gold main member

No refund or Cancellation fee will apply
Silver, Burgundy or family/guest of a Platinum and Gold member

Refund or cancellation fee will apply

Refund done between 3 hours and 24 hours before departure

Platinum or Gold main member
No refund or Cancellation fee will apply
Silver, Burgundy or family/guest of a Platinum and Gold memberRefund or cancellation fee will apply

Refund within 3 hours or after departure is considered as a no-show

  • Qmiles and Cash collected is forfeited
  • Only airport and government taxes will be refunded.

Passengers who have purchased the tickets through a Travel Agency can request for refund from the Travel Agent.

Qatar Airways Rebooking Policy

The passengers can rebook the tickets by visiting the “Refund Requests” page or via approaching the near Qatar office or via contact them.

Qatar Airways Change Booking Rules:

  • In the same class of service, the airlines will rebook your flights on the next flight with available seats without any extra fee.
  • If the original class is full, then the airline will rebook your seats in a higher class of service.
  • If your ticket is for business or first class and space is not available, then an airline will rebook your tickets in coach class and offer a partial refund.
  • You will often be issued a refund for the unused portion of the ticket if you opt not to fly due to the canceled flight.
  • The airline will arrange another carrier to your destination if there are not any available seats available with your carrier.

Qatar Airways Manage Booking

With Manage a Booking, you can change the booking, edit the frequent flyer number, provide the advance information, select the seat, request for services and can rent a car.

Question No. 1: How can I change my booking online?

Answer: To cancel the flight log in to ‘Manage a Booking’ button on the website. If it is available you can see the button ‘Change flight’ under ‘Flight summary’.

Question No. 2: How many times can I change my booking?

Answer: You can make the changes as often as your ticket fare rules permit.

Question No. 3: Why cannot I see the option to change my booking?

Answer: If you cannot see the option to change the booking, then there can be the number of reasons:

  • Booking is on-hold status.
  • Ticket is checked-in.
  • Itinerary is too complex.
  • Negotiated/discounted fare.

Question No. 4: Can I change an on hold booking before paying for it?

Answer: No. On hold, bookings are not eligible for changes. For that, you must have to complete payment and confirm your booking.

Question No. 5: How far in advance can I change my booking?

Answer: You can change the booking from the time a booking is ticketed.

Question No. 6: Can I change my booking on the mobile site or applications?

Answer: Yes, you can change your booking using ‘Manage a Booking’, which is available on the mobile app of Qatar Airways.

Question No. 7: Can I earn the same amount of Qmiles or other frequent flyer miles if I change my booking?

Answer: Mile accumulation depends on the fare and cabin class of the new booking. And Terms and conditions may apply for specific Privilege Club promotions.

Question No. 8: Can I make changes to my booking even if I miss my flight?

Answer: Yes, you can make changes. If the fare rules allow, you can make the changes up to 3 hours after the departure time. But, make sure that the new flight should not be sooner than 72 hours from the original departure time.

Question No. 9: Can I change a Qatar Airways flight to another airline flight?

Answer: No, only Qatar Airways operated flights are eligible for changes.

Question No. 10: Can I request a refund if I have purchased a ticket, made some changes online, but then decided not to use the ticket?

Answer: The refund depends upon the terms and conditions of the ticket purchased. To request a cancellation or refund, go to refund.

Question No. 11: Can I cancel and refund an Excess Baggage Award?

Answer: Once the excess baggage awards are issued, then you cannot use it again and becomes non-refundable.

Question No. 12: Can I refund partially utilized Excess Baggage Award?

Answer: The baggage allowance cannot be refunded or reused if the baggage award is not completely utilized. But, the Excess Baggage Awards are for single use only.

Question No. 13: I have received a confirmation that my Best Price Guarantee claim is valid, how long will it take until I receive the refund?

Answer: If the claim is valid, then it will take up to 1 month to process the refund.

Bottom Lines

If you are stuck at the airport due to flight delay and cancellation, then feel free to end the cancellation and ask for change the date and time. This blog will give you the suggestions for a flight cancellation. So follow the above information to travel without exhaustion.


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