Mumbai Airport Main Runway to be Shut From Feb 1 to 17!

Due to the maintenance work, Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport will now have to face a delay in flight operations. Passengers flying in and out of the airport must know that this will take place until 17th of Feb.

Mumbai airport’s main runway has been closed for operations between 10 am to 5 pm from 1st to 17th of February. There are exceptions as on Wednesdays, there is upgradation task.

Considering the reports, this decision to shut the runway for seven hours each day is due to the urgent upgrade of navigational equipment at the Mumbai airport.

Due to this, all arrivals and departures at the airport are affected by the operations on secondary runway. However, airlines have informed their customers about the development through social media.

Mumbai airport is the second busiest in India and it has already crossed its installed capacity of 40 million passengers. It consists two crossing runways; the main and the secondary. The primary runway can handle up to 48 arrivals and departures per hour and the second one supports 35 movements per hour. In short, there are 930 flights flying in and out at the airport on daily basis.

Jet Airways stated that “Due to main runway unavailability at Mumbai airport between 10 am and 5 pm until February 17, our flights to and from Mumbai may get affected”.

As per the report of Indian Express, Mumbai International Airport Limited officials said that the maintenance of Instrument Landing System (ILS) is being conducted. Hence they are conducting maintenance of the Instrument Landing System equipment.


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