List Of Activities To Do To Celebrate The Independence Day!

A day of great fun and celebration, especially in schools, and evenings, Independence day has always been celebrated by people to indulge their selves in many activities. This year India would be celebrating its 71st Independence and like each year everyone has their plans to make this day joyous. But, how to celebrate this day with people to make a great. Over the past few years, the concept of large housing societies have grown and hundreds of families live in the one housing society/complex. The best things to have happened housing societies help to bring a large number of people closer together in such events.

Independence Day  is one such day in which you can bring your housing societies to life by organizing various events throughout the day. Below is a list of to-do things this Independence Day in your housing societies.

  1. Flag Hoisting Ceremony:

The first and most important thing to do is, of course, the Flag Hoisting Ceremony. It should be done by 7 or 8 in the morning and you can ask one amongst you, preferably your housing society’s president to hoist the flag. However, if you can arrange for a chief guest too, then it will be great. This will make the bond among the residents stronger.

  1. Rangoli:

Then there can be a Rangoli competition for the ladies. Most children would be out to the school to celebrate Independence Day there, and hence the fun events should be kept for the later part of the day. The homemakers can enjoy their fullest in the Rangoli competition and can win some exciting prizes.

  1. Planting Trees:

The next thing on the agenda can be planting trees. Well, Global Warming is one of the most discussed topics and not much is being done to sort this problem. Independence Day is the perfect day to really do something for the environment by planting trees. So, get around in your housing society and go for a planting spree. Remember, only making the insides of our housing societies beautiful really is not enough. Hence, join hands to make your locality beautiful and green.

  1. Food:

The kids would be back from school and the thing that overwhelming everyone’s mind is food. Hence, instead of getting it ordered from outside or bringing in a catering service why not indulge in your own small little picnic. Divide the families into groups and each group can prepare one dish. This way home-made food would offer a great indulgent with residents with good conversation.

  1. Fun Competitions:

The early evening can see a couple of fun competitions like face painting, sack race or even a drawing competition for the kids. For the men, you can have competitions like arm wrestling or maybe a tug of war. These would help in setting the mood for a rocking evening.

  1. Cultural Activities:

The evening can be spent with a host of cultural activities like music and dance performances. However, to bring in some difference to these performances you can arrange for a dance drama that is based on independence. Dance Dramas are the perfect combination of music, songs, and theatre and the audience is sure to really enjoy it to the fullest.

Here is hoping that these tips or ideas would help you to plan your Independence Day well. With just little more days to go for the 15th of August do get going, get preparing and make the day super awesome.



1.> How do you make things on Independence Day?

  • Attend the Flag Hoisting Ceremony
  • Wear Tri-Coloured Clothes
  • Listen to Patriotic Songs
  • Watch Patriotic Movies
  • Make an Independence Day Special Dish
  • Watch ‘Tryst With Destiny’ Speech
  • Buy Paper Flags
  • Visit a Historical Place

2.> What is the conclusion of Independence Day?

Ans:- In conclusion, bringing independence to India by freeing it from the British Rule was not easy. And 15th August of every year is celebrated to pay respect to the culmination of struggle, hardships, and sacrifices made by Indians to bring this country freedom.

3.> What is the importance of Independence Day in Your Life?

Ans:- Independence Day holds a special place in the hearts of all Indians. It is a day when Indians all over the country celebrate this day by organising different events. Independence day is a day when we pay respect to the freedom fighters who gave their lives for this country’s Independence


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