Emirates & Cathay Pacific Start New Screening For US Flights

After receiving “new security guidelines” from American authorities, the long-haul carriers Emirates and Cathay Pacific will start new screening procedures for US-bound passengers.

Well, it is not cleared yet whether it will affect the other global airlines or not. After the Trump administration which was previously rolled out, there were restrictions seen on the travel and laptop bans on all the airlines globally.

The US Department of Homeland Security has not responded yet on the same as it comes at the end of a 120-day deadline for airlines to meet new US regulations.

As per the statement of Emirates, it would begin doing “pre-screening interviews” at its check-in counters for passengers flying out of Dubai and at boarding gates for transit and transfer fliers.

On the other side, the Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways stated on its website that it had suspended self-drop baggage services. The passengers flying to the US will be subject to a short security interview. Plus, those who are without bags would have a similar interview at their gates.

This year in March only, the US officials had put restrictions on in airplane cabins across 10 Middle East cities. That ban was lifted after the airlines began using CT scanners to examine electronics on the flights flying to the US.

This thing negatively affects the Muslim countries predominantly and also hurt the Mideast airlines. As a result, Emirates (the region’s biggest carrier) slashed 20 percent of its flights to America.

On the same, the Abu Dhabi-based Etihad airline stated that its operations went out normal whereas Doha-based Qatar Airways did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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