Indian Aviation Industry Is Planning To Ban Laptops From Check-in Baggage On Flights

Yes, you read it right! Maybe soon you won’t be able to carry your PED’s like a laptop in check-in luggage.

The main reason behind this is that the big PED’s Personal large electronics devices may harm due to its large battery which can cause catastrophic damage to the flight. In the luggage cabin, everything goes un-noticed and it becomes difficult to let off the fire.

Passengers might feel discomfort as according to the new rules, one can only carry luggage up to 7 Kg in the cabin. The laptop’s weight more than 3 Kg which means that this might consume half the luggage quota allocated by the airlines.

One of the main reasons behind this is the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone fire act which takes place a few days ago. Hence as the result, the cabin crew placed the phone in a bowl of water as the precautionary measures (fire extinguisher didn’t work).

This incident makes the Internation Aviation agencies to think upon banning big PED’s from flights. Nowadays, passengers are not allowed to carry items such as power banks, e-cigarettes, and portable mobile chargers on flights.

Last year also, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire. Due to this, the device is still in the blacklist items and any passenger carrying that may charge series imprisonment.

Right now, these new norms may not be appreciated by the travelers; especially the corporate one but these new laws will have their own added benefits.


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