Do You Know The World’s 10 Best Airport Lounges?

Every single person has witness delays at the airports. Most of the travelers undergo a number of security checks even for domestic flights. Nowadays, the lounges at the airport are not less than a five-star resort and offer a wide range of services and facilities to the multiple travelers around the world.

These lounges provide a personal space to the passengers to make phone calls, go online and hold meetings. With the recent boom in the travel industry, most of the lounges around the world are now better equipped to provide improved non-business services also which include perks like spas, gyms, showers, etc.

Here we are discussing the top 10 best lounges of the world which will offer you a bunch of luxurious facilities and services to make your traveling experience beyond normal.

  1. Lufthansa First Class Terminal:

Location:  Frankfurt



Majority of the airlines have their own flagship lounge but Lufthansa Airline has its own terminal.

Passengers can choose from a wide range of starters, healthy meals and desserts when it comes to eating options.

You’ll find comfortable leather chairs, couches and an extensive bar in the VIP lounge.

In addition to that, you can also grab the option of a luxurious bathtub to freshen up and if you want to take a nap, simply request a day bed and take a snooze.

For those who are traveling with families, there is a dedicated area available.

For business class passengers, there is an option to work while waiting.

At the time of your departure, there is also the availability of chauffeur-driven car which will take you to your flight.

  1. Thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge & Spa:



There is the availability of the First Class Lounge and Spa at Bangkok Airport for travelers flying with Thai Airways.

thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge

Along with that, you can also get the glimpse of workstations (for business travelers), quiet corners, plush seating, private shower suites, nap rooms and more.

Plus, there is also an awesome dining room for a buffet or a la carte dining in style.

Availability of Spa area of the lounge will let you relax and prepare for the flight, making you comfortable between connected flights.

  1. Qantas First Class Lounge:




Passengers around the world are enjoying the services of Qantas First Class lounges and find it as the best airport lounge. The one we are discussing here i.e. in Sydney (Australia) is particularly impressive.


Being located on level 4, it is a beautifully designed flagship lounge which you can spend your extra time.

It offers you space which is bright and comfortable having seating areas separated by striking looking partitions.

You can also get the glimpse of stuff like workstations in a business center, fresh snacks like king prawns, smoked salmon, bread, and dips.

  1. Cathay Pacific Airways First Class lounge:


Hong Kong Airport


Spread at around 43,000-square-foot, it supports the wood-and-granite along with an open-air facility.

Includes 80-foot bar named as the Long Bar along with the four restaurants which include the Haven (for first-class passengers) and a Japanese noodle bar too.


You can also enjoy Spa facilities which include a complete line of services such as availability of private cabanas, showers, beds, oversized tubs, etc.

There is also the facility of wireless Web from anywhere in The Wing for the passengers

Travelers who have access to the exclusive First Class lounge can choose from a selection of shower suites or enjoy a spectacular self-service buffet featuring Asian and Western cuisine.

  1. Air France l’Espace Premiere Lounge:




For passengers traveling through Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, the experience at the Air France priority pass lounge is totally worthful.

Passengers can easily pick from a wide range of exceptional wines or cocktails along with the menu items selected by celebrity chef Alain Ducasse.

Air France l'Espace Premiere Lounge

This airport lounge offers you quite a large personal space to linger over a book, magazine or newspaper, stretch out and relax or get some work done before your flight.

  1. American Airlines Flagship Lounge:


New York


After the first opening in New York at JFK airport, American Airlines have a plan to expand their premium Flagship lounges, mainly in Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami.

In order to create a luxurious travel experience for the travelers, the airline is investing a huge sum of around $200 million.

American Airlines Flagship Lounge

Passengers have the option of picking quiet and relaxed rooms along with the individual work pods and showers.

First class travelers can get the access of dedicated dining experience which will feature specialty cocktails designed by renowned New York mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer.

  1. British Airways Concorde Room:




Concorde Room is considered as one of the best airport lounges in the world.

You get the option of relaxing at the bar or you can pick one of the large couches that are dotted around the bright lounge.


There is also the availability of dishes like Gressingham duck, seared sea bass fillet of the BA Burger of 21 days aged Birchstead British beef.

  1. The Emirates Lounge:


Dubai International Airport


This lounge is one of the wealthiest lounges in the world.


This is only available for the First Class or Business Class, or Emirates Skywards members.

Being spread over 14,079 square feet, the lounge has two dedicated dining areas decorated with bespoke artwork.

When you fly with Emirates, you can be sure of the best standard of comfort and a premium traveling experience.

  1. Delta SkyClub:


San Francisco


Being one of the most stylish airport lounges in America, Delta SkyClub at San Francisco Airport is an example of is impeccable design covering all quirky architectural features.

You can witness high ceilings and a selection of couches and comfy lounge chairs.


It is situated in Terminal 1 of SFO and there is a bar, dining facilities, showers to freshen up and a cool ambiance to enjoy.

  1. Oneworld Lounge:


Los Angeles


When we talk about the Oneworld network of airlines, it is very vast supporting around 650 airport lounges at exciting destinations around the world.


The one at LAX is operated by Cathay Pacific, Qantas, and British Airways.

In the dining area of the lounge, you can witness an international menu including US West Coast street food.

There is also a bar featuring signature cocktails and premium wines. You can also order a coffee from the barista or pick from the hot and cold buffet.

For the comfort of the passengers, there is a faster Wi-Fi facility and new workstations which will allow the business travelers to prepare for their next flight.

Next time you book a flight, check out if you can include priority pass access to an airport lounge to make your travel adventure more enjoyable and start your vacation at the airport.

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