Do You Know: The Airline’s Secret Which THEY Don’t Want You To KNOW!

These days’ airlines are as often as taking the bus and trains. But some of us might not aware of the mysteries taking place at 45,000 feet above in the air. Yes! There are many just check them out!

You can get a Free Upgrade if you know how to do it :

I know, it is difficult to get a free upgrade but it can happen if you ask directly and politely. The only circumstance under where you can get a free upgrade is when it’s for operational reasons like cabin being oversold and they needing to upgrade people. According to facts sign up to loyalty program with airlines, help you a lot in the upgrade.


You Are Allowed to Take Your Own Meal:

There is no restriction on food which you can take in-flight. It is up to you; you can take as much the food you want to. But make sure that you will pack your meal after keeping TSA’s regulation in mind includes yogurt, liquid and hummus. For example, you cannot take water bottle more 100ml according to TSA regulation. So, keep in mind everything and then pack a meal for you.


Buy/fly on Certain Days:

The cheapest days to fly are Tuesday and Saturdays. Even you can fly at night and early in the morning because these two are the least busy days/times of the week. You can try on Tuesday and Thursday in order to buy tickets as you will get the least expensive tickets  on these days


You can Cancel the Ticket Without Penalty:

According to the U.S. Department of transportation , one is allowed to cancel the ticket within 24hr of booking without any penalty. It doesn’t matter what was your way of booking; online or by phone or third-party websites, you will get a refund only if you will cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking.


The Reason Behind Dim Cabin Lights:

Your eyes need to adjust to the darkness if there is a life-threatening emergency like a crash. That is why cabin lights are dim to ensure that you can see in the dark. Suppose if something goes wrong like fire, then you will able to see it perfectly in dark and crew will take some valid action along with you. When cabin lights are dim make sure that table tray must be locked and your seat upright so that people behind you can evacuate.


If the Flight is Delayed/Cancelled, They Will Book You Another Ticket:

According to rule 240, if you are flight is cancelled or delayed you significantly, then airlines will rebook you at no extra cost even on a competing airline. Although this was deregulated in 1978 but airlines still do it if you ask them nicely or if you have elite status.


If Your Luggage is Delayed, what to do:

If your bag is delayed, not lost, then airlines will pay you till the time airlines will not find it back. Don’t waste your time if you get to know that your luggage is delayed. Immediately contact with the airline counter and process for the search. And make sure that you will click the photo of all your items so that you will show to the searching team the relative value of what you had in the bag.


Flight Attendants are Doing a Lot Then We Think:

Flight attendants are not only trained to pour drink but they are trained to handle major responsibilities. As per one flight attendant, they are trained to do CPR, defibrillators, use EpiPens, AED, self-defence courses. They are always there to guard Cockpit so that no one gets in during the flight. Even they are trained to position all of the passengers for an emergency landing and taking emergency exit doors off of the plane.

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