Lost Luggage: What To Do If Your Bag Is Lost, Delayed, Damaged Or Stolen!

Are you standing at a baggage carousel and put your bag on the conveyor belt for checking your bags, then stops. It is pretty much sucked if your baggage is lost or damaged. Because the lost luggage can prove extremely inconvenient for travelers in airport transit but in this case, the airline will then normally compensate the owner.

Here’s how to get your bags back and what to do if your baggage was not delivered or bag is lost or damaged.

Delayed Luggage

Do not need to fall in the panic situation if your bags are delayed. The airlines typically have ways to track them. If your bag is on the next flight, then you can access them within few hours. But if it sent to the wrong airport, then it could take a couple of days. But for that, you have to file your claim immediately at the airport and give your hotel or home address, as well as a phone number.

The airlines bring your luggage back when it is found. Get a reference number for your claim and check your baggage status. In such cases, some airlines have an online system where you can get the latest status of your bag or some provide a phone number to call for updates.

Lost Baggage

Submit the written claim for damages if the airline loses your bags. This may require a different form than the original “missing luggage” form. This can be done at the airport or by mail. The maximum airlines pay for lost bags. In the United States, if you paid a checked baggage fee for your lost bag, the airline must refund your fee.

You may have the receipts so that you can prove that your value of items is lost. If you have them, include copies of any documentation you send to the airline. If your checked baggage is worth more than these limits, then you can purchase “excess valuation” protection from your airline.

There is a number of items for which the airlines are not responsible, includes jewelry, money, heirlooms and other valuables. So, left such sorts of items at home or packed in your carry-on bag.

Stolen Bags

If your bag is stolen, then head directly to the baggage carousel to minimize the potential time of your stolen bags. Especially at larger airports, many airlines scan bags when they are loaded into the baggage claim area and keep records.

If your bag goes missing after you have left the baggage claim area, then the claim is no longer with the airline, but with the police. So, purchase travel insurance to cover the stolen suitcase.

Damaged Baggage

Immediately check them for damage or other signs of tampering or mishandling, once you have gotten your bags off the carousel. If any damage occurs, then report to the airline. The customer service agents inspect the bag.

For any repairs, you have a receipt or use airline-sanctioned luggage repair vendors. Ask the baggage claim attendant for specific information.

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