How to zip tie your luggage for a flight!

Flying is a convenient way to get long distances, but there are plenty of potential dangers for you and your stuff. Even with increased security in the airports, a lot of items are losing and stealing. Baggage thefts have so much time to keep things in stocks when you do not keep an eye on it. And the nature of the item relies on its ability to open smoothly as well as be light enough to transport.

To secure your luggage for air travel, you have to find ways to deny potential thieves to break into your suitcase. Here, are several steps on how to zip tie your luggage on the plane.

Packing your bag :

Search what you can pack: Before heading to the airport put the important stuff in one place. Airlines are also posting baggage policies under the baggage section on their websites. Read about them properly and avoid to packing unapproved or inappropriate items.

Never pack anything valuable or that you can’t afford to do without, especially a laptop or other electronics, medication, jewelry, or important documents. This will prevent you from opening your bag and extracting items in the airport.

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Buy a hard-sided suitcase. The most common suitcases are made of cloth and are open and close through zippers. A resourceful thief can easily cut the fabric or open the lock by using a pen or some tricks.

But, if you consider buying a hard case, then it is much more difficult to break into your bag. Avoid checking very expensive-looking bags; cloth bags are less appealing to thieves than leather luggage.

Put labels or tag on your luggage. Always put name and contact information like an email address and cell phone number on the tag and tie it to your bag. In case if your bag is misplaced or lost, it will be much easier for the person who finds it.

Another good trip tip is to remove the tag or sticker from the previous flights, which will help prevent the airline from sending its own bag in the wrong way in comparison to its destination.

Use a lock. Close your bag and use a lock to keep it off. When you buy a lock for your baggage, make sure that the lock is fitted into to your case. A thick lock is better because it is difficult to choose or cut.

If your lock opens with a key, keep it with you always.

  • Consider a TSA-approved lock, but keep in mind that it offers limited protection since it can easily be removed.
  • Consider to be use mixing type of locks. It helps you to protect against criminals who only have one way to get through a lock, and can discourage them.
  • Lock the carry-on bag when you board to the plane. And always locked when you go to the bathroom or take a nap.
Walking Through the Airport :

Keep your bags with you. Always keep an eye on your bag. Carry it with you everywhere you go in the airport and watch them carefully. This reduces the possibility of someone walking off or digging around with your bag.

  • Keep an eye on some places that you cannot protect on your bags. Make sure your bag or bin goes to the X-ray machine, and to make sure it’s back. Once your items are getting through it, grab them and get away from the security point.

How to zip tie your luggage for a flight!

Keep valuables in your carry-on bags. This will include items that you want or need on your wallet, boarding pass, passport, driver’s license, or aircraft such as medicine. You want to keep as many valuable items as possible, which limits your chances of being lost or stolen.

Place an itinerary with your contact information and e-mail address in a visible place inside the bag.

Put your valuable items in one place. Keep all the things in one place. If you need anything from your bag, you can easily access them.

Alternatively, if you cannot find them quickly, immediately notice that the things are missing. In that case, you can alert the proper authorities.

Wrap your luggage in plastic.  One way to discourage the potential thieves is to wrap your suitcase in a plastic bag. It is not necessary that someone can stop you from coming to your suitcase. It will let you know immediately if someone touches your luggage.

Some major airports have wrapping service stations. You can pay for a machine to give you the plastic to wrap the bag after arriving at the airport.

Securing Your Items during the Flight :

Securing Your Items during the Flight

Board the plane early. It provides you a place in the overhead box and no need to check any luggage at the gate. Consider purchasing priority boarding privileges with your ticket, or signing up for a frequent flyer program. It helps you to get on the plane quickly.

Bury your wallet on board. Once you reach the plane, take a chance to bury your wallet in the baggage, deep in the bag. It makes harder for someone to slip it out during the flight. If it is deep enough, someone who wanted to take it out, need to take your entire bag and empty it out.

Keep your bag near you. Some people, when traveling at the back of the aircraft, like to store their bags near the front, thinking it would be easier to get off the plane. But this separates you from your bag, and difficult to keep an eye on your luggage.

So, keep your bag nearby you. One good place for storing your bag is the overhead compartment across from your seat, rather than the above you. This will allow you to see the compartment if someone should open it.

Put your bag upside down. When you load your luggage in the overhead compartment, make sure that the zippers and pockets have to face inward. It will make it difficult to open your bag at least without you or anyone else.

Alternatively, make sure the pockets are toward you when you put the bag under the seat. You do not want people to reach the bottom in front of you and drag something that you cannot see. If you can see the pocket, you can see who is accessing them.

Speak up if you see something. If you see someone handling your luggage, who is not to be, then say something firmly. If you notice that someone stealing something from your luggage or stealing the luggage tell the file attendant or security guard immediately.

So, these tips will help you to assure that you and your baggage vacation is safe and protective.