How To Stay Calm And Relax During The Turbulence!

Airline travel is the one of the safest form of transportation, but sometimes it may not help you to feel fearless as well as comfortable. Most of the time; it is smooth and makes your flight easy, but sometimes the smoothness turns into choppy and makes the passengers feel uneasy and unsafe. Turbulence makes most people unrest and leads to injury.

Rough air travel caused by three main categories of interference:

Thermal changes: – When a mass of air moving at a particular speed meets another mass of air that is moving at a different speed. It often occurs due to thunderstorms and weather fronts and leads to the thermal current.

Mechanical Changes: – when a mountain or manmade structure changes the air flow.

Waves on an ocean: – It causes the plane to rise and fall or rapidly changing in wind speed or direction.

But, some experts concern that turbulence occurs due to the global warming. So, here are some tips on how to stay calm and relax during the turbulence.

Before the Flight:

Ask for a seat that you are comfortable with: – To make yourself more secure ask for a window seat. Sometimes sitting close to the wing make you feel more comfortable.

Go to the bathroom before the flight takes off. It helps you to decrease the chances of getting stuck in the bathroom when turbulence strikes. Turbulence hit you dangerously if you stuck in the bathroom. And if is it so using the available handles to brace yourself.

Try to avoid drinking diuretics like coffee and tea.

Understand the causes of turbulence. Before heads to the flight understand why something happens and what can you do to make it less frightening. Search ‘turbulence anxiety’ on YouTube and gather all the information related to safety savvy.

During the Flight:

Always keep your seat belt fastened: – Listen to your pilot and flight attendant if they ask you to return to your seat and hold the seat belt. They inform you through announcement or by turning on the light of the seat belt.

Many injuries occur when passengers are not listening to instructions. So, always put your seatbelt on even when they do not instruct you to wear it

The safest place for children during turbulence is their own seat.

Set aside and stay away from any loose items. During any disturbance, the objects or any loose items can fall down and injure you. You might also dump in any hot liquids due to the motion sickness bag. So, put your tray up and save yourself to bump into it.

Keep yourself fully hydrated. Transport aircraft air conditioning systems are very dry. This can cause dehydration which can lead to headaches or nausea that can worsen the flying stress. So, drink more water and stay dehydrated.

Control your breathing:

When you start feeling nervous or panic, you can accelerate your breathing, or hold your breath, both of which will make you more anxious. So, focus on taking slow and deep breaths.

Let your body go limp. Tension will only make things worse.

If the flight attendants are calm and relax, it is a good indicator that everything is ok.

Distract yourself:

Close your eyes and listen to music. Try to create a music video in your head for whatever song you are listening to.

Read books, it will help you to make your mind free and relax.

If you are traveling with someone, play hand games like Rocks, Paper or Chopsticks. Or, play Sudoku, crosswords and other puzzles that can help you to distract yourself from the turbulence.

In order to survive in a global society and in a universe that is constantly changing, we need to recognize that what this is and how to stay calm during any turbulence. So, the FAA provides all the training and communication to airline staff in a way that they can help the passengers to reduce the incidence of injuries caused by turbulence.