Do you know: 7 best ways to sleep on plane seat?

Good news: you are planning a dream international vacation

Bad news: what to do in such a long flight? Will I get bored in flight? How will I deal with cramped seats, annoying & loud passengers? Most important how will I sleep?

I know these are some of the concerns which come in your mind while traveling internationally. That is why after doing good research; we found some of the best tricks to get tight on a plane seat. Stay tuned and check out the tricks for your present and future trips:

Don’t cross your legs while you sleep:

When you cross your legs, you clamp down on one side which could restrict the blood flow and increase the chances of a blood clot if you do so for more than four hours. So, if you fall asleep with twisted legs then you will wake up at some point and immediately cross your legs to the other way in order to balance the twist. But the right way to sleep/sit: either keep your legs straight, with a slight bend to your knees OR shift your entire body to the side and lean your shoulder into your seat. These will help you to avoid any blood pooling.

Stay away from lights:

According to the facts, light exposure is a bad idea, if you are trying to sleep. Same holds true for the lights produced by tablets, laptops, mobile phone, TV screens. As these screens are similar to sunlight. So, whenever you are trying to fall asleep bring your own eye mask to avoid any kind of rays of light.

Bring your own night kit:

Pillow, blanket, ear plugs, eye mask and more! No doubt you will get all these in amenity kit in premium flight but generally, these are not available in economy flights. So if you are traveling with the economy then don’t forget to bring your own sleeping kit. It is also believed that pillows and blanket provided by the airlines are not being washed, often. So to be safe side, bring your own stuff, even if your flight is providing you.

Lean back:

Always recline your chair, as this will help you to put minimum pressure on your lower spinal cord. And with less pressure on your back, it will be easier to fall asleep. Another way to grab a tight sleep is to sit straight, only if your abdominal muscles are strong. Otherwise, you will end up getting lower back pain. So, if you want to fall asleep while sitting straight is put a pillow or rolled-up jacket behind you to give support to your spinal cord. ALERT: never ever sleep, leaning forward without any back support.

Seat matters a lot:

If you have an option to choose a seat for you then always go for a window seat as in that case you can lean your head into the window and have some zzzz’s mid-flight sleep without any awkward touching. Think twice before selecting an exit row seat. That’s true that you will get extra legroom which is great but these seats do not recline, often and some bulkhead seats have armrests which can’t be raised. Even avoid booking the last row seat because they may not recline and they are located near to the lavatories.

Avoid sleeping medication:

If you are traveling alone, then be very careful before using any sleeping medicine unless and until you don’t know how it will affect you. Most of the sleeping aids contain antihistamines, which may leave you feeling groggy. But still, if you want some help, try melatonin and take it before boarding if your flight is in the evening.

Free your feet:

Some people slip their shoes off as soon as they get on to a plane, as this will help them to keep their blood circulation flowing and barefoot won’t let your feet to swell. Wear clean socks, opt for shoes which can slip on and off easily, as this will help you not to pull shoelaces and flinging your elbows mid-flight.

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