How To Avail A Window Seat in Flight?

You know what torture feels like if you are pinned in the middle seat on an airplane and especially in between a senior citizen sitting on the aisle and a crying child in the window seat. Although window seats make it harder to go to the toilet, yet most of you agree that it is the best seat on plane. These are perfect to enjoy the scenic beauty.

Multiple opportunities might lead you to get a window seat. But how can you avail this opportunity?


When you are going to book a seat on a plane online, most of the airlines will let you choose according to your preference. There is a link which says “pick my seats” after you select your flight. You can select a seat next to the window from the flight seating layout. The passengers traveling by connecting flights can also choose a seat accordingly by clicking on the “next flight”. Ask the representative to provide you seat next to a window, if you are booking your flight over the phone.


If there is no window seat available while booking your flight, then recheck your reservation every few days. You can always check your flight on the Airline’s website to see if a window seat is available or not. You can always select the seat you want and save your selections too.


After reaching the airport, check-in for your flight. As a result of passengers canceling their flights, you can always check if any window seat is available. You can shift to another seat if you use the self-service of a kiosk.


If you are not able to book a window seat online, reach your boarding gate early. Arriving one to two hour early at your boarding gate increases the chances of getting a switch. Politely ask the gate agent if there’s a way to shift you to a window seat in flight. It is possible that you won’t get the seat of your choice but wait until the last boarding passenger and stay near to the desk. Asking again will increase your chance of getting a window seat and you might get a window seat you if the respective passenger doesn’t catch the flight.


You can ask the passengers on the plane to check if anyone is willing to switch seats with you because it does not hurt to ask around. Some passengers are polite enough to offer it while some may not. There’s always a chance for you to scoring a window seat without paying for it.

  1. Window seats are often the first ones to get booked because they always have a high demand. Booking as early as possible might get you one.
  2. Picking an aisle seat when no window seat is available is the best option as some of the travelers are attracted more towards the aisle.
  3. Some Airlines like Southwest does not offer to select seat upfront. If possible, stay close to the Boarding gate while traveling with one of these airlines.

So availing a window seat may sound not so easy but after following certain tips, you can easily avail one.


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