Must To Follow: Do’s And Don’ts While Travelling SOLO!

Travelling alone can be totally different than going with friends or family. You will get to do whatever you want, whenever. When you travel alone you can travel on your own terms. It’s so much fun while traveling alone, only if you know how to travel safely. Yes! There are some do’s and don’ts solo travelers which you should follow to make your trip amazing and enjoyable.


Stay at a place with multiple positive rating and free Wi-Fi:

While travelling solo, the prime concern is to be safe. Staying at some unfamiliar place will make you feel more vulnerable. So, do some research before booking a place to stay and always try to choose a place with multiple positive ratings. And if you are going to spend too much time at your hotel room then make sure that you will stay somewhere with free Wi-Fi. When we are so concern about free Wi-Fi at airport then we should look for the same while searching a room too. Isn’t? As you might also use Wi-Fi to stream movies, respond to emails, surf web and more.

Leave a copy of your travel itinerary:

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family, whereabouts. Send them a copy of your itinerary that includes all your travel information, from flight times to hotel reservations. So that they will have a check on you if something will go wrong.

Make a list of emergency contact:

Either memorize some contacts or make a list of important contact numbers. For example, the toll-free number of your credit card company in case card is stolen. And if your phone will lost too, they you will able to call someone if you have store some contacts in your mind.

Buy travel insurance:

This is a good idea to buy travel insurance beforehand, so that if by chance something goes wrong then you can claim those things through travel insurance. Nowadays, you can secure all your electronics, cards, passport etc, in one travel insurance. So, it is a smart idea to buy travel insurance and make your luggage safe, if you are planning for a solo trip.

Copy of all your paper documents:

You never know what will happen when, so it is advisable to have Photostat of all your ID proof, passport and credit/debit cards. So, that if you lost them, you will able to claim them or search them with the help of those photostats. And even better, if you can take a photo of all those in your phone.

Learn some local language:

It is important to learn some words from the local language which will help you to converse with the locals easily. This will make your stay at the destination very easy and comfortable. And you can easily ask for help from them, whenever you are in need.

Participate in activities:

Don’t be shy in order to talk to someone. Actively participate in the things which will help you to meet others as this will allow you to understand everyone easily. Even you can check facebook page to see if any of your friends have any friend in the place you are going to.


Don’t run out of cash:

First, try to have a good amount of cash as you never know where you will run out of cash and even worse if there will be no ATM nearby. So it is advisable to use cards where there is a swipe machine otherwise use cash. So that you will stay safe and there will be less chance to run out of cash.

Don’t get too intoxicated:

It is good to explore a new place but only in your limits! As in, you might not know most of the locals over there and if at any time you get too intoxicated then who will handle your belongings and there are chances that someone will steal them. Although this kind of attitude is very rare as nobody wants to destroy the name of his or her city/country in front of foreigners. But still, precautions are always better than cure. So, if you are traveling alone then it is your prime duty to take care of your things first and don’t take too much alcohol/drug which is hard to handle.

Don’t forget to make reservations:

Standing in long lines alone-worse; standing in a long line with someone-good; not standing in any line- much better! So, to avoid time wastage or tiredness, it is important to make reservations beforehand. Save your time and enjoy your trip to fullest with advance bookings.

Don’t resist impulsive behavior:

The beauty of traveling alone is that you can change your decisions anytime, without consulting to anyone. This is a luxury which you should not resist, as it is almost non-existence in regular day-to-day life; so, if you like this idea, go for it.

Avoid carrying too much baggage:

After traveling so much I have learned that lugging a bunch of heavy bags will not only disturb your mobility and pleasure but also cost more money as extra baggage fee. Don’t make a mistake which I use to do that packing too much will help you everywhere because you are traveling alone and you might need a lot of things but according to my research whatever you need you can buy then and there only, there is no need to carry a big backpack.

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