10 Tips To Travel Comfortably If You Are A Nervous Flier!

Do your palms get sweaty, when you thought of flying at such a great height or actually in flight? Are you afraid of flying? Apparently, you are not alone if you feel so. According to the fact, there are 15% of passengers are nervous about flying to some extent. And all of us want to overcome these fears. That is why here are some best tips which you can follow while flying to overcome your fear:

Avoid Alcohol:

If you think that after taking one glass of alcohol will make you feel drowsy and help you to sleep comfortably then you are mistaken. Drinking any alcohol on a flight even a tiny glass can make you feel worse. Alcohol makes you feel dehydrated and will increase your nervousness more. So, always go with soft drinks or water if you want to have some liquid.


If you feel that medicines can be your best partner to avoid nervous while flying then you can take them only on doctor’s prescription. The most important fact is you should know how your body reacts to these medicines (medicines like anti-anxiety medication valium or Klonopin). So, before taking them directly in flight it is important to take them once before the flight to know whether it will suit you or not.

Keep Yourself Busy While Flying:

Books, filling crossword, playing cards, mobile games etc, anything of your interest, you can use them in order to keep yourself busy. As according to the fact, time passes faster if your mind is occupied with small tasks or activities. Even you can listen to music or watch any of your favorite movies with noise-cancelling headphones.

Breathing Exercises:

This is the best solution for nervous fliers. It is a general practice recommended to all of us; whenever we fell nervous during exams, flight or any important interview, then focusing on your breathing can be a great solution to your nervousness and make you feel comfortable.

Reserve Your Preferred Seat:

Be whatever the place is we always try to choose a comfortable seat. So, why not in flight? It is very important to choose a comfortable seat in the flight so that you will feel comfortable throughout the flight and this will reduce your nervousness up to 60% if not 100%.

Try To Engage Yourself In Talking:

Foremost! Try to fly or travel with your family, parents or close friends so that you will always have thought inside that you are not alone as someone is there by your side always. And by chance if you are alone then try to engage yourself in talking with your co-passengers or flight crew. This practice will shift your focus from nervousness. And please ensure that you will inform the air hostesses about your nervousness while you board your flight so that they will keep an eye on you throughout the flight.


Nervous flyers are hard to handle while turbulence. To overcome this fear you have to first understand that what actually turbulence is. It not dangerous at all and in fact it is the same as driving over bumpy roads while being in car. The pilots are genuinely well-versed in handling situations like this. So instead of being panic you just have to sit quietly and focus on your breathing.


Some of the nervous flyers do have a problem with noise. They cannot resist to noise as that increases both their heartbeat and nervousness. So the best suggestion to them is to use noise-cancellation headphones and watch or listen to any of their favorites.

Avoid Caffeine:

Just like alcohol, caffeine is another drink which can increase the heartbeat, nervousness and increases the sweating in the palm. Everyone should be very particular about their food and drinks to avoid the worst conditions.

Fly often:

It is a great saying and I too believe on this that “if you want to get rid of any fear then you have to face it again and again” so that, fear will no longer exist in you. So, fly more often to avoid this fear. As flying normally will let you know how to coop up with this fear and who knows might you will come up with some new practice to avoid nervousness.

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