Delta And United Double Down On Improved In-flight Meals!

Last week, the two major US airlines i.e. United and Delta unveiled a number of improvements to their in-flight catering options.


The US major carrier, Delta has updates regarding the international dining experience on its aircraft. From the first of March, the economy class passengers will get the glimpse of upgraded flatware, free sparkling wine, and new menu cards that layout meal offerings.

Talking about the business class, the airline has invested in better-sourced, higher quality ingredients. The carrier has committed to using regionally sourced cuisine out of Asian departure ports as well as menu items catered to specific destinations.

Delta also has plans for ordering meals prior to flight for business class passengers. Initially, Delta plans to release this service at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson and JFK but there are chances for the expansion of this service through the year.


Just like Delta, United also have cater upgrades. The carrier focuses on the better selection of ingredients and food sourcing. The airline is also adding new breakfast and lunch options to its buy-on-board meal cart. And for the onboard menu, there is craft-distilled Wheatley vodka and organic jerky for the passengers. This global upgrade has already been started from 1st of March.

After the upgradation of in-flight meals across domestic and international service, a tough competition can be seen among the airlines. This is done to provide the best in-flight dining experience. American, Delta, and United have already been upgraded their airport lounges to serve heartier and healthier food too.


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