Cheap Flights To India: The Easy Way To Get A Better Flight Experience!

Are you sick of flying high while wedged into a space so small that it would make a battery chicken cringe? Most airlines can probably sympathize to anyone who has spent 4 hours or more in the coach class.

Airlines do offer many services like onboard Wi-Fi, phone services and interactive TV sets are new additions that everyone likes the most. But when listening about complaints, the negatives thought come around about tedious security procedures, tighter legroom and luggage restrictions. And one of the most complaints about: “What happened to the food?”

In times past, enjoying a free meal up in the sky or cheap flights to India  was something. But nowadays it is totally different, and in some cases almost overnight you have to suddenly pay for overpriced snack-type meals and even drinks.

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Here is the list you can now expect in coach from major US airlines:

  • United Airlines:

On North American flights, the airline offers you a soft drink, and you can buy snacks if you choose. International flights to other continents usually come with complimentary meals.

  • American Airlines:

The airline gives you the individually packaged snacks (at a price) on flights that are 2 hours or longer. If your flight is more than 3 hours long, you can usually buy sandwiches and salads. But, you have to pay for that. There are some services that are complimentary  and those are juice, soda, coffee and other nonalcoholic beverages. The other services that are offering on most international flights and those are complimentary beer, wine and meals.

  • Delta Airlines:

On all flights, the airline provides the complimentary services like soft drinks, and even gives complimentary meals on international flights (and Alaska or Hawaii flights) longer than 6 hours. But, you have to pay available cost for snacks and cold meals, which is offering on domestic flights of 900 miles or more. Complimentary nonalcoholic beverages are available on all flights.

  • JetBlue:

This airline came up with some snacks and drinks at no extra cost, but you will have to pay for alcoholic drinks. You can also buy boxed meals at a reasonable price on longer flights.

  • Southwest:

It isn’t particularly generous. Although you do get snacks on select flights, you will have to pay for drinks other than coffee, juices and cold drinks. But, sandwiches and meals are not available. And the other major thing is that, the airline does not accept cash so you must have a credit card.

How To Get In- Flight Services on Budget

There is a way to enjoy complimentary food , which is tied to with several payment cards. These higher-end cards offer the miles every year to their registered members so that they can use them or spend them for things like in-flight meals, upgrades and checked luggage charges. Some of these miles and cards you can apply towards to buy tickets.

  • The Platinum Card® from American Express:

It gives you up to some dollar of airline fee credit per calendar year that you can apply towards incidental fees like checked bags, in-flight refreshments or flight changes. You need to select a qualifying airline and charge these incidental fees to this card and get the services.

  • Premier Rewards Gold Card:

It is from American Express also gives you some dollar airline fee statement credit each calendar year that you can use towards incidental fees with your selected airline.

  • Both Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard® and Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard®:

These cards offer the 25% savings on in-flight purchases of food and beverages or headsets on flights that are operated by American Airlines, as long as you make those purchases using your eligible card.

Another credit card that gives you airline credit is Expedia®+ Voyager Card from Citi. The annual air travel fee statement credit you get as a cardholder can be used towards incidental airline fees. You can also apply it towards the Global Entry or the TSA Pre √® application fee if you use one of those services.

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