Best Meals Served In Various Flight Ticket Deals To India!

Flying is not as alluring as it used to be. Passengers who wait in security lines, fight their way to the gate and fix their luggage into the tiny overhead compartments are lucky. Various types of airline meals are offered while booking a flight.

Take a look for the best meals and drinks served in flight ticket deals to India:

  1. Virgin America:

Richard Branson’s brilliance seems to know no bounds when it comes to air travel from the amazing in-flight entertainment options to the ice cubes that look like his face. First Class passengers are offered with a selection of curated snacks and introduced high-quality Flight Bites like wraps and fresh salads made with local vegetables and fruits.

  1. Hawaiian Airlines

The airline has a variety of exciting meal option onboard. This airline is for the passengers who prefer dishes like wine-braised short ribs with mashed taro root and teriyaki turkey. Even breakfast is with choices like a banh mi breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs. Passengers of the First class can sample fare from Hawaii’s star chefs. The Wine is selected by a master sommelier, and the best part is that meals are complimentary for travelers in all classes.

  1. Alaska Airlines:

This Pacific Northwest airline offers West coast specialty products that are featured prominently. Having a partnership with famous restaurateur Tom Douglas, offering tasty eats like Red Miso Ginger Chicken with fried rice grace and quality sandwiches the menu. The ones who wake early can go for breakfast sandwiches layered with Beecher’s Flagship cheese, and later flights are made comfy with complimentary alcoholic beverages. You can choose from local Seattle liquors premium beer and Washington wines.

  1. Delta:

Delta is offering some pretty decent in-flight dining options for the passengers. The coach cabin enjoys hot Starbucks, and free meals on domestic flights are given to economy passengers, with choices like fresh wraps and sandwiches like roast turkey. Dishes from celebrity chefs and restaurateurs like Danny Meyer, Linton Hopkins, and Michelle Bernstein are featured on the Delta One premium menu.

  1. United Airlines:

To give everyone in the economy a gratis snack, United has recently upped its offerings. With mid-flight nibbles as well as a pre-arrival treat such as a warmed croissant with a yogurt cup and jam, transatlantic flights are even better. You might get a chance to sample the local cuisine before you land depending on your destination. Five to Six-course meals that feature delicacies from India, China, Taiwan, Japan and the Middle East are offered to Premiere customers.

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