Canada Issues Fresh Guidelines for India-Specific COVID 19 Testing Rules!

Though the new variants of COVID 19 are emerging rapidly and scientists and doctors are trying their best to fight these viruses so that everything can get back to normal. Though many countries have already opened their borders and have lifted restrictions implemented due to COVID 19, there are still few countries that are taking all the precautions before opening up. Canada is one such country that is taking calculated steps in order to make things normal in the country.

Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus in the world, Canada has taken very strict measures to curb the spread of COVID 19. It is one of the very first countries that has sealed its borders at very early stages and now Canada has also started living with this virus, like many countries, Canada might also declare COVID 19 pandemic as endemic.

After banning flights from India since April last year, Canada has resumed flights from India in September 2021 with some special conditions that passengers traveling from India need to get tested from a single laboratory located at Delhi airport. Also, there was a rule that if a passenger from India is getting a connecting flight from a third country, he/she needs to undergo a Covid test from that country as well.

Now with the fresh guidelines, all these restrictions have been scrapped and now travelers from India can get RT-PCR tests from any ICMR (The Indian Council of Medical Research) approved testing labs. Also, they don’t need to obtain a test report from a third country while getting a connecting flight.

Now entry to Canada has been restricted to fully vaccinated travelers only. The two vaccines have been approved by the Canadian government for travel. Travelers who have taken two doses of Covishield and Covaxin are allowed to enter Canada.