Best Economy Class Airlines For Traveling In Extra Comfort Zone!

Many of us cannot afford the price of a luxury lounge and private suite on an A380, travel means sitting down the back in coach. The good news is that, with increased competition, a number of airlines have ramped up their offerings in the coach cabin. The reign of cramped legroom, overhead TVs, and stodgy airline food is over. Most of the globe can be covered in cost-effective, comfortable coach cabins so you don’t get to your destination feeling gross, tired, and starving with a bit of careful planning. Here are the best economy class airlines for budget travelers.

Even though we try and minimize our time in the back of the plane, there are times when you inevitably fly in economy class. This can be a big letdown on long flights, but there are some best economy classes that are improving the economy class experience.

  1. Singapore Airlines New A380 & 787-10

This well regarded airline having the best economy class in the sky. The airline is having the number of features on its new A380 and 787-10 aircraft.

  • All seats have a six-way adjustable headrest
  • 11-inch HD video displays in every seat
  • A USB port for charging, and a power plug for laptops
  • In-seat Smartphone stowage.

But, more importantly, the plane has 32-inches of pitch. This is more than the 30-inch average in economy class. It will make your seats more comfortable than ever in the back of the plane. You will find Singapore Airlines’ 787-10 on medium haul flights to Osaka in the coming year. Singapore’s new A380 is deployed on its Sydney route and some flights to London-Heathrow and Hong Kong.

  1. Emirates 777 & A380

Emirates has an insane new first class product on its 777, but its economy class is also good. The airline’s entire fleet is made up for A380 and 777 aircraft.

  • All passengers are greeted with an amenity kit upon boarding
  • Have a huge entertainment library to choose from
  • Jets range from 32 to 34 inches of pitch depending on aircraft and seat selection.

For those that want to stay productive, nearly all Emirates flights have on-board Wi-Fi. In our experience, the Wi-Fi works well but can get pricey on long flights and is slow at times.

  1. JetBlue E190, A320, & A321

JetBlue’s entire fleet has free Wi-Fi, complimentary snacks, and in-seat TVs with free live television no matter how short the flight.

  • Its E190 and A321 aircraft have 32 inches of pitch
  • Its A320 has a whopping 34.
  • Upgrade to Even More Space and you’ll have up to 41 inches of pitch.

These planes fly all of JetBlue’s routes, so it’s not hard to find a good economy experience. This is especially important on long-haul transcontinental flights where you’re stuck on a domestic jet for over five hours.

  1. Virgin America Alaska Airlines A320

Fly this configuration while you still can. There’s good chance it could be phased out and replaced by standard Alaska Airlines economy class.

  • All ex-Virgin America A320s have posh leather seats with 32-inches of pitch.
  • You can order food and drink from your seat
  • Have tons of entertainment options, and cool mood lighting.

However, look for an A320 operated flight on your next Alaska Airlines flight and enjoy it while you can. It’s undoubtedly the best domestic economy class product.

Bottom Line

When flying economy, do your research to find the best airline on your route. This can make the difference between showing up to your destination rested and aching due to lack of legroom. Keep the jets on this list in mind when booking your next trip abroad.

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