United Airlines’ United Corporate Preferred Offers Benefits To Most Loyal Customers!

United Airlines has debuted United Corporate Preferred, a new corporate travel program that is designed to offer top travel benefits to the airline’s most loyal customers.

The new program offers escalating benefits at three levels:

  • United Corporate Preferred
  • United Corporate Preferred Plus
  • United Corporate Preferred Elite

Eligibility for the new program is determined by a corporation’s contract status, revenue contribution and loyalty with United.

Benefits to United Corporate Preferred customers include:

  • Preferred upgrades: tie-breaker preferences for upgrades.
  • Preferred standby: prioritization when traveling on standby for a different flight and when listings for a seat in a different cabin or booking class wait.
  • Operational adjustment protection: protection during travel interruptions, as well as seat protection to retain the same or similar seat in the event of an aircraft swaps.
  • Preferred discounts and offers: eligibility to receive exclusive promotions offered by both United and its partners in the near future.

United Corporate Preferred Elite will receive:

  • Additional travel waiver flexibility: when United has a travel waiver in place, customers will receive additional flexibility to adjust their travel beyond restrictions in place on the standard waiver.
  • Preferred boarding: later this year, customers will receive priority boarding in group two.
  • Preferred seating: later this year, customers will have access to book designated standard economy seats closer to the front of the plane.

To receive these benefits, tickets must be flown on United or United Express flights, reservations must include the customer’s corporate account number at the time of booking, and the travel must be for the corporate customer’s business. Companies invited to participate in United Corporate Preferred will receive a tailored webpage with information on benefits eligible to their employees.

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