These Are Best Airport Services Worth For Any Layover Anxieties!

A layover can be best for the business traveler. Staying at the airport for more than 3 hours or longer by sitting on the uncomfortable chairs at the gate can be excruciating. But there are a number of airports that offer the unique services to kill time. This helps you to relax while you wait for a connecting or delayed flight.

So forget reading the latest Magazines or waiting for the delayed flights because there are best airport services to be found at the airport, which ease any layover anxieties.

Airport Supermarkets

Airport supermarkets are inexpensive as compared to in-terminal convenience that offers water bottle, candy, snacks, and souvenirs. Supermarkets are located in many airports. Usually, it is an easy task to find the airport supermarkets at the airport but in case if you did not then a visit to an information desk. The airport representative helps you to find it. The airport’s supermarket was “hopping” with flight attendants, pilots and airport workers. It is the best-kept, budget-friendly secret in the airport.

Airport Healthcare Services

While you waiting for a flight, you need to catch up on medical appointments and also plan ahead when necessary. There are a number of healthcare services available at the airport like Flu shots and others in dozens of cities, including Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Charlotte. In LaGuardia Airport, a dental clinic is located in the central terminal building. At JFK International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport, Primary care, physical therapy, and travel immunizations are available in pre-screening areas. Walk-in clinics and pharmacies operate in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, Philadelphia International, and Orlando International. Facilities usually accept most major healthcare insurance plans.

Fun Airport Activities

Singapore International Airport is facilitated with the country’s tallest water slide, a movie theater, and gardens. And Hong Kong International Airport has a nice view of seeing planes taking off. The airports are also featured with Casino, watching a 6D or 5-minute movie and other than this you can also begin a city tour. Practicing for a golf game, working out, swimming or steaming room is available at the airport or nearby hotels. Such type of facilities is available at Hilton hotels, which is connected to Terminal 2 at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

Airport Art Exhibits

There is also another facility available for the travelers and that is art exhibitions. So, don’t be afraid to get around, and pay special attention to wall exhibits and art displays. These are quite good in many large airports and change periodically. For examples: An exhibition of birthstones from the Gemological Institute of America situated in San Diego International Airport. Van Gogh masterpieces are at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has featured, located just beyond passport control.

Airport Tastings and Demonstrations

Many airports feature with retail shops that are sponsored by manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, and Apple. You can get caught up on the latest and greatest gadgets and kill some time with productive play and entertainment. Tastings are a great way to pass time and try new products. Vino Volo, which is located in 12 US airports, offers mini-wine tastings while you wait.

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