Best Airport Lounges In India That Can Access By Jet Airways/JetPrivilege Credit Cards.

Today, credit cards offer multiple travel benefits to their passengers. You can use them to get free airline tickets, movie tickets, enjoy discounts at restaurants and even play unlimited complimentary golf games rather than to earn air miles on your grocery shopping and other daily spends.

Jet Airways & credit cards offer the airline perks like free one-way tickets, excess baggage allowance, and dedicated check-in counters. And, the most valuable benefit that comes along with these cards to access airport lounges free of cost across the world.

Airport lounges can be very useful. Lounges make your regular travel more comfortable also become very handy when you stuck during flight delays. With Jet Airways and JetPrivilege, you can access the over 40 lounges in India for holders.  Here are some of the best airport lounges in India which you can access with your Jet Airways / JetPrivilege co-branded credit card.

Best Airport Lounges In India: Domestic

  • American Express Lounge, Domestic Departures, Delhi Terminal 3:

The American Express lounge is on the domestic side of Terminal 3, Delhi. It is just right across from Starbucks and has excellent views of the tarmac. The favorite part of being in this lounge is the customized dining options they offer. You can either choose a buffet or hot meals. Other options are also available like Chicken Biryani or Spaghetti Pasta, snacks, Satays, etc.

  • TFS’s Travel Club Lounge, Domestic Departures, Mumbai Terminal 2:

This lounge is featured with white and gold marble hues with its pretty swanky regarding design. The seats are reasonably convenient to read and charge devices. So, you can also find the seating area with individual lighting overhead and plug points. The food options are quite impressive, even at 5 AM in the morning. There were hot dishes, salads, fruits, fresh juices, sandwiches, and a live kitchen. The live kitchen has the options of Dosa and eggs. This is a great lounge with a business center and a spa.

  • Plaza Premium Lounge, Domestic Departures, Bangalore:

This spacious lounge in Bangalore is open for fliers 24/7. There is a lot of comfortable seating area around the lounge. There is a bar and also has a spa facility. And apart from this, the lounge also offers the excellent food. The Plaza Premium lounge is situated on the mezzanine floor with its filter coffee which is authentic. And you can also find crave a Dosa before take-off.

Best Airport Lounges in India: International

  • Plaza Premium Lounge B, International Departures Terminal 3, New Delhi:

On the International side of Terminal 3 at Delhi Airport, has two lounges operated by Plaza Premium: Lounge A and Lounge B.

Plaza Premium Lounge B is located past the duty-free area. It is also a bigger lounge with more facilities than the Lounge A. The Plaza Premium lounge comes with several amenities like a separate dining area, a spa, shower facility, a private room. You can also relax at this lounge if you arrive early to the airport for your international flights through a credit card.

  • Plaza Premium Lounge, International Departures, Hyderabad:

This lounge is open for 24 hours and has for everyone. This lounge has a fantastic food along with a good variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. And it also has great airside views. There is also a separate VIP room and spa facilities. The staff is friendly, food is excellent especially the Hyderabadi Biryani, and the tarmac views magnificent.

  • Above Ground Level, International Departures, Bangalore:

This lounge has a comfortable seating area, which is accompanied by an enjoyable spread of food and a fully furnished business center. The food spread in the lounge changes 3 times a day and every time this lounge has delicious food. The lounge also has printing facilities and is open for passengers 24 hours of the day.

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