Alaska Airlines Again Update Its New Support Animal Policy!

Alaska Airlines has yet again updated its support animal policy. Previously back in April, Alaska Airlines had already made changes to its support animal policy. Now again, the airline announced that it’s new support animal policy will apply for all travel that is to take place on or after October 1, 2018, regardless of when your travel is booked.

Its latest support animal policy will limit the number and type of emotional support animals as well as type of service animals a passenger is allowed to travel with on all Alaska Airlines aircraft. Alaska Airlines will offer all its customers and employees a clear complete guidance with a safe and consistent travel experience.

According to the existing Alaska Airlines support animal policy, passengers who have traveled on their outbound flight before October 1 but will only be returning on or after October 1 will be allowed to transport their emotional support animal or trained service animal.

Those who need to travel with an emotional support animal have to abide by the following rules:

  • Only 1 emotional support animal is allowed per passenger
  • Only a dog or a cat is permitted
  • All emotional support animals have to be leashed or kept in a carrier at all times
  • Proper documentation (i.e. Animal Health Advisory Form and Mental Health Professional Form) have to be submitted along with a 48-hours advance notice

Passengers who need to travel with a trained service animal (including a psychiatric service animal) have to comply with the following rules:


  • Only a dog, cat or miniature horse is allowed
  • Owners must ensure that their service animals are kept under control at all times
  • Fully trained psychiatric service animals will be accepted as trained service animals—no documentation is needed for service animals

Alaska Airlines customers who insist on traveling with more than one emotional support animal after October 1 can choose to get a full refund for their ticket if they do not wish to travel and comply with the carrier’s updated support animal policy that limits the number of emotional support animal allowed per passenger to one.

Major airlines in the United States such as Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue and American Airlines have all updated their support animal policy following recent misadventures that took place during flights. Airlines have the responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their passengers as well as crew is protected.

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