American Airlines Unveils New Program To Tackle Overbooked Flights!

The topic of overbooking became a hot subject when a man was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight back in 2017 due to a lack of seats. United quickly addressed the issue by trying to eliminate denied boarding and increasing compensation for passengers willing to give up their seats. The entire industry is now focused on fixing the problem of overbooked flights.

American Airlines has developed its new program to utilize technology to reduce the headaches some travelers experience when it comes to overbooked flights. The aim of the program is to essentially address overbooked flights before passengers board in an attempt to decrease the likelihood of another incident like the infamous one that took place on the United Airlines flight last year.

How New Program To Tackle Overbooked Flights:

  • The program is called Preremoval Denied Boarding Automation (DBA).
  • Passengers are contacted via email and text with offers to rebook flights.
  • A special number is provided that interested passengers can call.
  • The program is currently in a test phase on select routes.
  • However, it is expected to extend to more routes if it proves to be successful.
  • The plan is to eventually offer self-service rebooking tools instead of a phone number.
  • American began introducing it on a trial basis on select flights on Aug. 20.

American Airlines is one airline that is making big changes to take away some of the pain caused by overbooked flights. However, the new policy from the airline won’t guarantee that flights won’t be overbooked. What it does alert passengers ahead of time if their flights are going to be overbooked.

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