8 Tips For Travelling With Children

There is no such thing as ‘too-much’ when it comes to taking precautions when you are travelling with children, especially on a plane. The flight can turn into a bit of nightmare for you and other passengers with cranky children that are crying and yelling all the time.

Many of the things that make adults cheerful when flying applies to the little ones as-well – staying hydrated, prepared for changes in temperature and making sure that the batteries of your gadgets are full. But apart from these points, there are a few other things that parents should do to ensure their children are happy and comfortable when flying.

You can always make it easy to travel with a 2-year-old child by following some tips.

We have consulted with some of the experts in the industry and mothers that hold years of experience when it comes to travelling with children. We have put in a lot of effort in bringing you a list of some of the best tricks in the trade that will make your next trip on a plane all smiles and stress free.

1) Steer clear of layovers:

Some kids can get really scared when flying, especially the really young ones, and this can be a little stressful for parents and to top this off you certainly don’t want to be missing flights or have long waiting periods at an airport. So try to get direct flights even if it means that you will have to wake-up early. If you are not able to make arrangements or find such flights you can always search for websites such as Momaboard.com or Cranky Concierge; they will help you with all the bookings.

 2) Prepare the kids

One of the things I have learnt about kids is that they are always super excited about everything. So why don’t you take some time out in advance to teach or inform the children about the place you are going to visit.

One of the best ways is to watch movies that are based on that culture or set in your destination. Then when you are on the plan tell them that they are on their way to see the places and people they saw in the movie.

3) Make toys interesting

We all know that kids just love new toys and they get especially excited when they see a toy they have never played with before. You all might have received the advice to take the new toy along with you on a flight but we suggest that you take our advice and take it a notch higher. Buy an inexpensive toy from your local store and gift wrap it real nice. Then when you are on the flight give it to the kids to unwrap, watch the kids get excited when they unwrap it. Make sure to keep kids entertained throughout the flight .

4) Solve ear problems with a bud:

When a plan is in its ascent or descent we all get a very uncomfortable feeling in our ears. This is caused due to the change in the air pressure. This usually passes away when we yawn or swallow something because the Eustochian tube inside our ears adjusts to the air pressure.

Of course kids too feel this change in their ears due to air pressure and some kids handle it pretty well while some get scared and might start yelling. To help the children avoid and manage the ‘ear-pain’ you can ask any one of the flight attendants to give a little heads-up when the plain’s descent will commence (because the ascent you will know). If you are travelling with a baby, then feed him or her before the descent begins. For older children you should keep snacks and drinks at hand during that part of the flight.

Another little trick is to make funny faces and getting the kids to imitate you by opening their mouth wide to induce yawning.

5) Pack enough snacks

It is a given but I will repeat it – always leave your home with plenty of snacks packed with you for the flight.

These little munchies can turn out to be your best friends. Just make sure that you pack healthy finger food like apples, pears, crackers or go with cereal packed in an air tight container that is easy to open and eat from.

6) Wipes are calling

Wet wipes are the best invention for a mother; they can help you when we need it the most like when you have to clean up in a tight place or with a child that keeps fidgeting.

And wet wipes are not just used for babies when you have to change a diaper; they can be used to wipe clean, dirty and sticky hands or maybe a dribble of juice. It makes complete sense to travel with wet wipes when travelling with children.

7) Less is always more

When you have to pack, the feeling that you haven’t packed enough does seem to creep in quite often. And when it comes to packing for children we can get tempted to pack every single toy, game, movie and blanket that the kids have. But remember that whatever you carry now you will be bringing it back with you.

Therefore think hard about what you should carry and what you can arrange from the destination. Like for example if you the children are just travelling to their grandparent’s house then they don’t really need to pack the whole nursery.

8) Be thoughtful of your co-passengers

Not too long ago I received an image via e-mail and I am sure you must have seen it too; it’s of mother that took out the time to pack candies for her co-passenger. The mother had packed some candies along with a little slip that explained they were travelling with children.

Flight attendants and your co-passengers will not be too happy if your kids begin to make a lot of noise, cause disruptions and as a parent if you let this happen then you will be at the receiving end of some harsh words.

Also you can lessen the hassles if you book with the airlines that take extra care of the families traveling with children.Here are the best airlines that can be a good option for you:

Air India: 

  • Flying with Air India means you have pay just 10% of adult’s fare for any infant.
  • You can also request for a bassinet that must be done at the time of the reservation.
  • Further, the free baggage allowance of up to 10 kg is given to the families traveling with an infant.

Vistara Airline:

  • Kids those who are less than 2 years and more than 7 years are allowed to fly with Vistara as an infant.
  • Irrespective of class of ticket infants are not allowed free baggage.
  • Travelers with an infant cannot sit in the emergency exit row.

Indigo Airlines:

  • Passengers of Indigo airlines can enjoy the additional 7kg of hand baggage allowance if traveling with infants.
  • For infant tickets a fee of Rs. 525 plus the government PSF of Rs. 225 is applicable only if you are able to show the proof of child’s age.
  • With the lap children, you are not allowed to sit in the emergency exit row.

Singapore Airlines: 

  • If you are flying with children under the age of 15 then you are not allowed to sit in the exit rows.
  • Infants are considered if he/she isn’t more than 2 years and a minimum of 7 days old.
  • Bassinets are provided on a first come first serve basis. 


1>>How do I fly easily with kids?

Traveling with kids is challenging but few tips can make it easier to you:

  • Don’t Overpack anything
  • Pre-Book everything you can
  • Bring own snacks and baby food

2>>How to fly stress-free with a toddler?

Fly stress-free with a toddler by following these tips:

  • Book a direct flight
  • Take advantage of pre-boarding with toddlers
  • Buy a separate seat for your child
  • Request for a bassinet

3>>Should I buy a plane seat for the infant?

Yes, you should buy a ticket for a child under 2 years for a confirmed seat. Also, you can request a bassinet and baby food while making the reservation

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