Tips For Travellers With Kids

Travelling with kids is fun and you enjoy your travel a lot more than you do when travelling as a couple or by yourself. Although travelling with kids to India can be a bit more challenging, it is still worth a shot. If you wish to know what all preparations you need to make, here are the tips for your travel to India with kids.

Why to do it?

If you’re wondering why go to India with your kids, you should know that there is absolutely no reason for you to not do it. Of course your trip to India will be a bit challenging but if you have the right information with you, there is hardly anything to worry about. You will find a lot of specific information on travel with small children in India.

Keep A Check On Your Health:-

Make sure that before you travel to India with kids, you consult your physician and get medical advice. Travelling to India is challenging for the kids also. You will have to ensure that you carry the necessary medicines with you so that your kids don’t face any issues.

Here Are Some Basic Things That You Need To Know:-

  • Keep nails short.
  • Drink bottled water (available everywhere).
  • Use suntan Lotion (factors 30 and 15 (and sometimes 60))
  • Keep your hands clean and don’t pick your nose (brings the bacteria straight into your system). Do not pick up stuff from the streets.
  •  Always put on hats and sunglasses.
  • Wear long or three quarter trousers (keeps knees whole)
  • Wear long sleeves
  • Wash your hands before eating (or use disinfecting wet tissues; also good for cleaning feet after temple-visits).
  • As a general precaution take multivitamins every day.
  • Wear sturdy shoes, no sandals. Check feet for cuts after temple visits and disinfect if necessary.
  • Buy a small anklet with a bell and put it on your kid, you’ll hear them around even when you’re not watching.
  • Use mosquito repellent. For hotel rooms we bought and used the Bayer electrical mosquito coils.
  • Disinfect any cut or scratch as soon as possible.
  • Never eat anything from a stall / cooked in the streets. Stay away from buffet-style meals. Eat in busy restaurants.
  • Donate small amounts of money to a Temple once in a while and pray to the gods on a regular basis. Have Imodium ready anytime.

Get to the Airport Early:-

With regard to flying with kids, some disagree against showing up at the air terminal too soon on the grounds that it implies engaging the kids for a more extended time interval outside the solaces of home. If you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your boarding you would have ample time to check-in carrying your luggage, and you can do it all at your ease and comfort. Walking at the airport particularly with your young one takes a longer period of time as the kids have tendency to walk at their pace thus it will take more time with your kid rather than if you have to travel alone. It would also give you time to feed him or put him to sleep or buy him toys and books that keep him distracted during the course of travel.

Reserved a Window Seat and an Aisle Seat:-

Assuming you really do go with the lap choice, book the seats along the aisle and the window, and leave the center one open. As center seats are the last to be filled, this expands your chances of scoring your baby a seat without paying. You will need simple admittance to the restroom and the capacity to stroll around with your child therefore we recommend you to go for the corner seat.

Try not to Fly Too Late in the Day:-

We would never recommend you to fly during the midday as the child will be tired and more irritable as they would not have got proper rest. However, reserving flights that concur with their rest plan essentially gives you better chances for a smoother trip. Or you could also book the flight during the time when the kids are most joyful-for a ton of children that is in the first part of the day. Assuming you in all actuality do pick a late-day flight, give your all to ensure they get enough sleep and rest prior to making a beeline for the air terminal.

Carry their Favorite Set of Toys:-

Clearly, you would rather not bring a whole toy box however your primary goal while flying with a little child is to keep them involved. Also, the more games, toys, or books you bring along, the simpler your work will be. Allow them to play with the paper, paint or draw, and color during the course of travel.

Carry your Own Food:-

For little children, eating food on a plane can be an all-devouring action comparable to watching Paw Patrol. Assuming that your child is fed up with standing by listening to books or messing around, break out the saltines and let them focus on consuming food. While you pack your kid’s meal make it a point that the food is their favorite one. You can also be double sure about the safety standards as it is going to be packed by yourself. Make sure to carry a variety of snacks like biscuits, cakes, or chips rather than full-fledged meals. Furthermore, second, remember that fluids and pouches actually need to follow TSA’s three-ounce guidelines.

Make Sure you Eat Healthy:-

Food is usually really good in India. You can find amazing kinds of dishes all over the country and you will love them all. The only problem is that sometimes, the food can be a bit unhygienic and you will have problems and issues with your health if you eat unhealthy. Make sure that you go for simple foods such as Indian bread, eggs, plain rice, fresh fruit, toast and curd that are available everywhere. Apart from these you can choose cornflakes etc. Make sure that you always have some crackers or biscuits with you. There are popular food chains at most places so there is hardly anything to worry about.

Getting Around:-

Transportation in the country is really good. Although you will find everything from good to bad, it is best that you go for a private transportation vehicle. There are public transport vehicles that cover the whole country so there is hardly anything to worry about. Apart from travelling by road you can go for railways and airways which are also available to most parts of the country. Trains are a great way to travel, but often slower and sometimes difficult to book. Apart from these, it always a great way to visit India by other wonderful forms of transport like Rickshaws, Elephants, speedboats, backwater boats, Camels, Buffalo-carts etc. and you need to go for them all.

What You Need To Pack And Carry:-

Before you plan your trip to India you need to think deeply about what clothes and shoes your child will wear in India, and also ensure that you think about the effect the heat (or cold), humidity, monsoon, sun will have on your child. Carry disposable diapers at all times and make sure that you carry them in abundance if you are going for a long time.

Don’t carry too much luggage as you can find clothes in India that you can dispose of whenever you come back. All things are available in India at really cheap prices so there is hardly anything that you should worry about.

Things To Do:-

With your kids you should plan your travel properly and make sure that you do everything. There are lots of amusement parks and sanctuaries in India that you can go to with the kids. Apart from these, you need to go to places like famous monuments and beaches so that the kids have a great time. There are lots of famous historic temples that the kids would love to see and as a temple holds a lot of religious value plus there are something the kids would love to run around. Try and visit the historical sites. Tell your kids stories about such sites and they would love to hear about the kings, queens, wars, love and loss. It will make their experience all the more enriching.

Additional Tip from Our Side to You:-

Carry your First-Aids Kit :-

Make sure you have a small customized kit for unseen emergencies. You should make sure to carry Band-Aids, mosquito repellant, Dettol, antiseptic cream, and a tablet if your toddler has a vomiting sensation. Make sure you do not forget to sanitize things before you use them for your kid as they catch infections fast.


When travelling to India, planning is really important. You don’t want to take your kids to India without a properly planned trip as it can be quite challenging for them. No doubt India is a great country to travel to, it is still advised that you ensure everything is in order. Get last minute flight deals on your last minute flight tickets to India and you will save a lot of money that can be used for spending while you are in India with the kids. With some extra cash in your pocket you can buy a lot of stuff in a pocket friendly country like India and the kids will love you a lot more.

In the end, we would conclude by saying that make you travel more often with your kids. As they would forget the toys you brought them but won’t forget the moments you enjoyed with them. Also, it has been observed that the kids who tend to travel more learn, grow, adapt and develop more.


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