There are literally a hundred reasons why you need to choose to have a backpacking trip across India. Not just because a backpacking trip to India will be very budget friendly but also because it is packed with a lot of adventure and thrill. You will most likely experience the best time of your life while travelling in India. Backpacking as you know it allows you to get close to a country’s culture and atmosphere and you go beyond what you see in brochures and news articles. You get to see inside the soul of a country, way past the luxuries and comfortable travel vehicles.

India is a great country to go backpacking and the sheer size of it will be an overwhelming experience for most. While in India you can travel for months and months and barely get to scrape the surface of what the majestic Asian country has to offer.

Of course it is quite possible that you go on a luxury tour in India and have a great time but that way you will never be able to discover the real India. In order for you to go beyond your own limitations and boundaries and be able to discover the lesser known places and more importantly, to discover the lesser known experiences which tell you so much about a country and about yourself, you need to take a closer look of the country.

The reward for you if you choose to take to the roads will be great. If you are prepared to rough out the country’s weather and atmosphere, you will have an experience that you won’t ever forget even if you wanted to and more than that, you will get to experience the real India in an up close and personal view.

The Best Part About Backpacking Across India

Some may say that India is not a tourist attraction. But that is not true. It is a thriving country with some of the oldest and richest culture and religions in the whole wide world. You cannot see the whole country simply by sitting inside the comfortable cabin of a transportation vehicle. In order to witness the real India, you need to step out in the sun and immerse yourself in everything that the country throws at you. This way, not only will you see inside the country but also inside your own self. Backpacking in India is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life as it is totally different from the one you get by travelling to other countries, starting with the amount it costs.

The best thing about India is that it is one of the cheapest countries to travel in the world. You will be able to find decent accommodations at dirt cheap prices. What’s more, you will be able to find absolutely amazing food at the lowest price you can ever get. Even if you stay at a particular place for weeks in a row, you will not pay more than a few dollars for your stay, food and drinks. Plus you will get to hire guides and drivers for your travel at really low prices. Although the transportation system in the country is really good as you can get to any part of the country in public transport, it is best to hire your own private vehicle for getting a little comfortable ride.

Another good thing about a backpacking trip across India is that you will get to see new places and meet new people from all walks of life. Indian people are really warm and polite by nature, and it is very easy to meet them and spend time with them. People from all parts of the world can be found in the country and as strange as it may sound, people here are often happier to meet and talk than in any other country.

You will also experience a fascinating culture, some of the best architecture, friendly people while you travel in India. It is going to be an unbelievable experience for you.

Things You Wont Like While Here

One of the worst things about India is its high population. India is one of the most populated countries in the world and you will get irritated by the large number of people virtually everywhere. Most of the westerners love privacy and while here you won’t find any. It is hard to find your own personal space at times. You will get it with difficulty and once you get it you will cherish it a lot.

Another bad things is that people will approach you and will want to talk to you no matter where you go. It can be good at times but you need to be careful as there are a lot of scam artists that you will find everywhere. You will definitely get company anywhere you go, be it a mountain top or a beach but there will also be a time when you would want people to just go away.

Then there is the fact that you will sometimes find really bad places to stay and really unhygienic food. So what you need to do is to take care of yourself and be careful when you choose a place to stay or eat. If you are suspicious about something don’t go for it. Don’t go for bad hotels, or unhygienic road side food.


India is a big country. You need to be well planned before you start with your backpacking trip in India. You need to make sure that you plan your trip well in advance. This way you will be saving on a lot of time and money. Planning will help you get the best route, the best hotels and the best flight deals to India. You planning will help you enjoy your trip even more than what you expect. So rather than you doing all things at the last minute, it is best that you plan and execute.



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