Pay Tribute To the 73rd Independence Day of India In These Ways

Every year on 15th of August, Independence Day is celebrated with great shore and enthusiasm by Indians. It is the day celebrated to commemorate the independence of India from the British Empire on the 15th of August in 1947. This day has great significance thus there is Gazetted Holiday all across India on this day.

On this special day, travel to India and have a glimpse of celebrations all over India. Pay tribute to the freedom fighters who have contributed to the independence of India.

Independence Day Special:-

The main celebration occurs at the capital city of India, Delhi. You can take a flight to Delhi and see the main celebration here.

Every year the President of India gives a speech before the function starts. The speech generally includes the current condition of the nation along with the achievements gained in the previous year and the future development plans. People gather here with passion and energy on this occasion.

On 15th August the Prime minister hoists the Indian flag on Red Fort. After the flag hoisting, function is started with the national song. In the honor of the Indian flag, twenty-one gunshots are fired while the national song is sung.

Further, the patriotic programs by children from schools, parades, pageants, and other events are performed.


What You Can Do Special On This Day?


[1]– Go Out For Picnic:-


You can spend the day with family members or close friends. Go for a picnic in a park or private garden. Spend the day at a nearby park or favorite place. Choose the destination where you will find the pleasant weather. Play some games and share lovely moments with each other. At night, you can have dinner at home or in a restaurant. Make this day a historic date to remember forever.


[2]– Send Greeting Cards:-

On this special day greet your relatives and friends. Send them greeting cards with lots of wishes. Cheer up the day with friends and family. Celebrate this free spirit of India with warm and patriotic wishes. Wish the closed ones the day of freedom with nice thoughts and prayers to spread the patriotic feeling all across India.


[3]– Fly Kites:-

You can go kite flying or sing and listen to patriotic songs. Kite flying is considered a symbol of Independence Day in India. The skies full of dotted countless kites symbolize free spirit of India. The sky on this day full of countless kites of different shapes, styles, and shades. You can go to the rooftop and enjoy the kite flying.


[4]– See the Independence Day Celebration:-


Every year the flag-raising ceremony is held in Delhi.Delhi is the main spot where the important events of Independence Day take place. Here you can see the parade accompanied with the beating drum and March past. All the streets are decorated with tri-colored flags on this day.


[5]– Get Closer To the History of India:-

You can read some history related to Independence Day that how India got freedom. Know the struggle that freedom fighters have faced to bring this day. You will gain some knowledge from it. Further, the story of freedom fighters and soldiers will encourage you with enthusiasm.


[6]– Taste A Cuisine:-


Instead of getting some food ordered from outside try it at home. Make your traditional dish at home and surprise your family members. It is the cheap and best way for the Independence Day celebration. Try some traditional food items especially on this day. A special treat will make your family happy and cheerful


[7]– Cultural Activities:-

At school and colleges cultural activities are held which includes the patriotic drama, songs and other events related to nation and history. In schools Quiz, painting, drawing competitions are organized and universities’ and colleges’ students participate in the parades.


So, it’s the time to celebrate the birth of the nation that gives you the freedom to roam all around. Come along the Indian spots and see the amazing culture and history of India. Book your flight tickets to India with the best deal and get closer to the society and people. Be a part of freedom celebrations and especially pass the day.

Visit the Red Fort, India Gate and Central Secretariat Building in Delhi and know something different about India. Walking through government building is a new way to commemorate Independence Day.

So, get your tickets ready for the trip to India.


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